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Monday, 18 April 2016 18:37

Go-To Pieces: Modern Farmhouse Style

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farmhouse style

chair / pendant / buffet / mirror / table / candleholder / rug

The modern farmhouse look is one of the biggest trends happening in design. When you take a good look at these homes it’s easy to see why. The modern farmhouse look is all about using pieces that are easy care and creating a home that looks lived in and loved. There are a lot of elements that come into play with modern farmhouse style. Blending lots of texture, low-maintenance fabrics, and neutral accessories that are anything but boring. Here at EF Brannon this is one of our favorite styles to create and we have everything you need to get the look and make it your own. Check out some of our favorite go-to pieces for modern farmhouse designs.

  • Slipcovered furniture is easy going in style and maintenance. Dining chairs in linen or cotton contrast well with distressed woods, making them the perfect choice for a modern farmhouse dining space.
  • Lighting is one of those elements that can make or break a great design. This one features a combination of weathered wood and shiny chrome and would be perfect hanging in a kitchen over a farmhouse sink.
  • The “barn door” is often the first design element that comes to mind when discussing modern farmhouse style. If you can’t incorporate a sliding barn door into your home then mimic the look with this console, which features rustic sliding door hardware.
  • This statement mirror that has a distressed white frame and a fun design. Hang it in a foyer, over a distressed leather sofa, or above a fireplace.
  • The farmhouse dining table is a must. This is a central piece for modern farmhouse design. The farmhouse table is often heavily distressed but this one gets a modern look with a double trestle base design.
  • Dark iron and metal accessories punctuate a light and neutral space. This candleholder has a rustic vibe and candles provide great lighting for entertaining.
  • Homes need floor coverings that are heavy duty and easily cleaned, even if you don’t actually live on a farm. Durable jute rugs add great texture and have an organic feel.

If you’ve been dreaming about creating your own modern farmhouse look then let’s get started! Visit our showroom to see what’s possible.

Monday, 11 April 2016 15:19

Create Interest with an Accent Wall

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Accents come in many shapes and sizes. Accessories and accent pieces go a long way in adding interest to a space but there is no comparison to the impact that an accent wall creates. And we’re not just talking about paint.  Architectural elements and major texture can really take a space over the top to create stunning results. If you’re ready to take your decor game up a notch then it’s time to incorporate an accent wall. 

interior decorating accent wall

Eastern Accents

Create a focal point with board and batten. If a room is lacking in character this is a simple way to add architectural interest and a layer of dimension. Paint it charcoal grey to give the space a moody vibe.

interior decorating accent wall

Eastern Accents

The barn wood wall is always a great look in modern farmhouse spaces. In this bedroom, a wall in weathered grey woods sets the tone for a rustic space. Pretty pillows and greenery add a softness that make it a comfortable and gorgeous bedroom. 


interior decorating accent wall


In this dining space a rustic barn wood wall combines cools greys and warm honey-colored tones. This finish is repeated on the furniture which is punctuated with black. This makes for an edgier farmhouse look. 

interior decorating accent wall


A fun take on a barn wood wall is to hang it vertically rather than horizontally. This space is a minimalist approach to a rustic look. Barn wood stained in dark grey adds a dramatic contrast to white walls and pine furniture. 

interior decorating accent wall


If you have an exposed brick wall in your home, paint it! Lighten up a dark space by painting exposed brick with a few coats of white paint. White painted brick will instantly update the space and create a fresh canvas with some amazing texture.

Is there a room in your home that needs an accent wall? If you’re feeling inspired by these spaces then visit our design center to meet with a designer to discuss the best options for your home. 

see through accent pieces
see through furniture

pendant / magazine rack / lamp / table / bar cart / sculpture


See through pieces are always a stylish choice. They’re neutral, versatile, and an easy way to add another layer of texture. Glass, acrylic, and lucite pieces take up little visual space making them a smart choice for small rooms. If you’ve been struggling with a space in your home it could be that you just need to try something different. Check out some of our favorite see-through pieces that add style and solve many decorating dilemmas.

  • This glass pendant light is a great choice for a modern farmhouse kitchen. It looks great in contrast to rustic pieces and the glass allows plenty of light to shine through. Hang it over a dining table or as a pair over an island.
  • Keep magazines organized and within easy reach with an acrylic magazine rack. Place it near any chair or sofa to add a cool modern touch to your living room.
  • A substantial glass lamp is a smart choice in a small space. Add light without adding clutter. This one from Uttermost has a curvy base and a modern shade, which makes it work well in transitional spaces.
  • A combination of acrylic and glass give this chic cocktail table high-end style. Pair it with glass and metal end tables for a polished modern look or use mirrored end tables for a Hollywood glam look.
  • If you’re short on space but love to entertain, tuck this bar cart into a corner and keep it stocked for guests. Its see-through design allows it to “float” into the space while casters make it easy to move it around as needed.
  • Start small and add a touch of lux and sophistication to any space with this acrylic statue. Tuck it into a bookshelf or place it on an end table or mantel for instant style.

Update your home and keep your spaces uncluttered with see-through furniture and accessories. These pieces and more are all available here at EF Brannon. We have something for every style so shop our showroom to find what works for you. 


Monday, 28 March 2016 13:17

Design in the Details

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Well-designed furniture is made up of many elements. Quality materials, functionality, and most importantly; details. Details are often what make the difference between an expected look and a piece that makes a statement. Complete the look of your spaces with furniture that feature some of these stylish details. 

interior design, chattanooga interior design, accent piece


Hardware and drawer pulls are the obvious place to add a distinctive detail to a piece of furniture. Of course basic knobs are functional, but hardware that reflects a certain style or is reminiscent of a specific time period, will give a piece of furniture so much more personality. The sliding door hardware on this piece gives it a modern farmhouse vibe. 

interior design, chattanooga furniture, bedroom furniture


Finishes that have variances in the color create dimension. Whether it’s a piece that’s been painted and distressed or layered in various stains, the right finish can be the detail that makes a dynamic piece. In this bedroom, pieces are painted and heavily distressed with visible wood grain, creating a very distinctive look.

interior design, chattanooga furniture, dining room furniture


Combining materials or textures is another way to give furniture a unique look. A piece that uses both metal and wood is a smart pairing since it adds so much texture and dimension. A dining table with a wood top and double pedestal base in scrolled metal is rustic with a modern tuscan feel.

interior design, chattanooga furniture, living room furniture


Tufting is a detail that dates back to the 18th century and is still an interior design classic. This is a timeless element that adds a sophisticated feel and always looks polished. This is a detail that is often seen in sofas, upholstered beds, and ottomans. 

chattanooga furniture, interior design, living room furniture


Another detail used to add character to furniture is nailhead trim. It’s available in a wide variety of finishes and can be added to wood, upholstery, and leather. This makes it a finishing touch that can be used with many different types of styles.

When shopping for new furniture pay attention to the details and look for distinctive characteristics that reflect your style. You’ll have a home furnished with pieces you will love for years to come. You can always find well-designed furniture that features timeless details here at EF Brannon. Visit our showroom and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016 16:22

Fresh Spring Looks for Home

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Spring is finally here and there’s no better time to freshen up your home. There are a lot of ways to spruce up your space for the new season. Pillows in a colorful new fabric, a few new accessories, or maybe a new piece of furniture in a fresh color. Be inspired by the new season! Try something different and work some of these fresh looks into your home to give it a new look that’s inspired by nature. 

bedroom, interior design, chattanooga interior design, furniture

Eastern Accents

Fresh new bedding is a great way to bring spring into your home. Especially when it’s this colorful. Celebrate the new season with florals in saturated hues. You’re sure to wake up happy and inspired when your bed is this pretty. 

living room, interior design, chattanooga interior design, furniture


Bring a cheerful vibe to your space with shades of coral. Coral is versatile enough to pair with other colors and strong enough to stand on its own. A sophisticated alternative to pink, spring-inspired prints have a modern take when framed in black.

accent pieces, chairs, interior design, chattanooga interior design, furniture


This bold and colorful floral is unforgettable. Add this little statement chair to a foyer, a corner of the bedroom, or a writing desk to add a chic spring look to your home. 

interior design, chattanooga interior design, furniture, artwork, accent pieces


A single piece of artwork makes a colorful statement. Bright colors mixed with moody hues are anything but typical. This vibrant painting is an easy way to bring a fresh new look to any space in your home.

If you’re feeling inspired by the arrival of spring then let us help you pick the right pieces to give your home what it’s missing ; a new look that’s inspired by the new season. Visit out showroom to find these pieces and more. 

Monday, 14 March 2016 13:10

The Accent Piece

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The accent piece is often underrated. Typically a piece that is different from everything else in the space it sometimes becomes an afterthought. But an accent piece is so much more than an accent. This type of furniture just doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Accent pieces serve so many purposes. They complete a space, they typically introduce a new design element to a room, and they’re often a source of extra storage. If you have a room in your home that’s missing something maybe all you need is the right accent piece. 

accent piece, furniture, chattanooga, interior design


It doesn’t have to be large. Small pieces can make just as big of a statement and can pack just as much design punch. This one is perfect for a small foyer or hallway. Raw, distressed wood adds a rustic element and it’s a great spot to drop keys and mail as you walk through the door. 

accent piece, furniture, chattanooga, interior design


In a space that needs a touch of glam, this piece is the perfect solution. Sophisticated in style it combines textures tastefully. Gold leafing and mirrored doors add style and reflect light. This would be a perfect accent to a bedroom that’s small or doesn’t get a lot of natural light. 

accent piece, chattanooga, interior design, furniture


A new take on a distressed look, this accent piece with linen covered doors has a fun boho vibe. Painted in a soft grey-blue this piece would work well in homes with a modern design. This piece is a fun alternative to the standard TV console. It would also look great as a sideboard in a dining space. 

accent piece, chattanooga, furniture, interior design


 A great piece of furniture always combines form and function. What a great way to accent your space and store your books. This unique bookcase adds plenty of style on its own but could be used in a pair for a large room with an empty wall. Let your accent piece become the focal point of the space! 

accent piece, chattanooga, interior design, furniture


A refined take on an industrial style is so on trend. If you need to update the look of your home, this is a great option. Baluster style legs topped with metal makes a huge statement, which is what makes this the perfect accent piece. Its shape makes it a great piece to use in a long hallway or as a console table behind a sofa.

Take a look around your home. Is there a space that needs an accent piece? Visit our showroom where you can find all of these pieces and more to create the perfect finishing touch. 

Monday, 07 March 2016 13:52

5 Elements of a Restful Bedroom

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Our lives are busier than ever and getting rest is so important. Everyone deserves a beautiful space where they can relax and sleep well. But it should be more than just beautiful. It should be a place where it’s easy for you to rest. Your bedroom should be a calming place where you can wind down, feel relaxed, and get the good night’s sleep you deserve. These are the five elements that we believe every bedroom should have to make it a restful space.

restful bedroom 1

Symmetry brings order to a space. When things are orderly you instantly feel more relaxed and will naturally sleep better. Bring symmetry to your bedroom with a pair of matching nightstands topped with matching lamps. Take the look even further with matching artwork flanking the bed above the nightstands.

restful bedroom 2

You should have something at the foot of the bed. An ottoman or a bench provides a place to drop an extra blanket you can easily grab in the middle of the night when you get cold. An ottoman with storage also helps to keep the space clutter free.

restful bedroom 3

 The right window treatments might be one of the most important elements of a restful bedroom. Curtains or shades should have the ability to block out light at night and easily be adjusted to let light pour in when you wake up. Shades or panels should have a blackout lining to allow for restful sleep.

restful bedroom 4

Invest in a high quality mattress such as Jamison. This makes all the difference in not only how you sleep at night but also how you feel in the morning, which sets the tone for your whole day. But don’t stop there. Top the mattress with a well-made set of bedding and high quality pillows. You will melt into your bed at night when it is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

restful bedroom 5

Placing the right lighting in the room is just as important as blocking it out. Choose three-way lamps for the nightstands to allow for soft light to read by at night. When purchasing bedroom furniture, look for nightstands with built-in nightlights like these from Kincaid. They provide a soft light at the bottom of the piece that will allow you to get up in the middle of the night without turning on a bright, jarring light.

Which of these elements is your bedroom missing? We want to help you make your bedroom the restful space you deserve. Visit our showroom where we can help you choose the right mattress and design your beautiful and restful space.


Monday, 29 February 2016 14:08

Five Ways to Customize Your Dining Space

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A beautiful dining room starts with the right furniture. But when it comes to styling the space it’s all about the details. Textures, finishes, and styles can be combined to create a space that’s unique and has a personal touch. It’s easy to create a designer look in your dining space when you incorporate a few of these ideas.


Riverside Dining


One of the easiest ways to give your dining room a custom look is by mixing the style of the chairs. Choose a different look for armchairs to be used at each end of the table. Mix wood with metal, woven chairs with upholstered ones, or add a bench to one side of the table. 


Kincaid Dining


Interesting lighting goes a long way when designing a unique space. The right light fixture can set the tone for the whole room by making a statement. Go beyond the unexpected and try something in a new shape or style. 


Kincaid dining


Who says you have to use a sideboard or china cabinet in a dining room?  A pair of bookcases is an interesting alternative to the traditional look in a dining space. Display dishes and pottery by grouping smaller pieces and mixing in baskets to store smaller items.


Kincaid dining


Large scale artwork makes a statement in a dining space. Not only does it add instant style but it serves as a conversation piece at dinner parties.  In this eclectic dining room a large abstract adds color and a graphic punch. 


Aberdeen Dining


Get away from the “matchy-matchy” look by blending pieces with different finishes. Soft greys and distressed whites come together to create a space that has dimension. A combination of chairs with varied textures adds even more interest and helps pull the varied finishes together.

If you’re having trouble creating the look you want then try one of these tricks of the trade. Blending styles and mixing different design elements is how custom looks are created. Visit our showroom for more ideas on how to customize a designer look for your dining space.  


Monday, 22 February 2016 13:50

TV Consoles with Character

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Many homes have only one family room which means it has to serve many purposes. This is the space where you want to get comfortable and watch TV but it’s also a space where you’re likely to entertain guests. Your television is going to be on display whether you’re using it or not. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be displayed with style. You just need something that’s more than utilitarian. Choose a TV console that has character and the last thing people will notice is the television. 


tv console riverside


The look is perfect for bohemian chic spaces. Globally inspired wood carvings on glass doors add a stylish touch and have a cool factor. This would work well in a colorful space with tufted sofas and lots of pattern. 


tv console bellagio


Old world style in weathered black is a sophisticated choice.  This is a look that needs little accessorizing. The distressed finish has a rich texture and is perfect for a space that’s layered in neutrals such as grays and linens. 


tv console uttermost


An accent piece with an open shelf can also work as a TV console. The combination of rustic and modern details is always stylish and is transitional enough to work in both dressy and casual spaces. 


tv console riverside


A white painted piece is always a great option for cottage styles homes. This one has all the right elements to make it an interesting but understated piece. The clean lines, not typical of cottage style furniture, make it easy to mix with other looks. 

tv console hammary


Add a polished look to your family room with this piece. Brushed gold edges add a little glam and all that open shelving is perfect for styling accessories and displaying some favorite pieces. Balance the look with leather furniture for a masculine vibe.

The TV console should be more than a placeholder for the television. It should speak to the rest of the room and play on the design elements in the overall space. If your living space also functions as a TV room then consider one of these stylish TV consoles. 

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