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Tuesday, 17 January 2017 14:34

Small Ways to Add Big Drama

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You know that feeling you get when you walk into someone's home or come across an image in a decorating magazine and you're just struck by what you see? That's called drama! And it's created by adding the right pieces in the right places. Dramatic items are those that fall into the category of being different or unexpected and they always make a big impact. Your home can have little moments of drama throughout. Here are some of our favorite ways to add a little drama to your interior design.

dramatic interior design

nesting tables / accent table / mirror / abstract / desk / lamp / pet bed

  • Black and gold is always a dramatic combo. Even better, these nesting tables are highly functional. Place them next to a sofa or chair for a chic alternative to an end table.
  • Another polished gold piece, this accent table with a tripod base is a stunner. Place it between two oversized sleek chairs for even more dramatic flair.
  • A bold mirror is an instant win and the more unconventional the better. Mirrors don't have to be basic. Mirrors are a household necessity so use that to your advantage. Unusual shapes in metallic finishes make for a more interesting look.
  • When your home decor needs a dramatic pick-me-up abstract artwork works every time. One large dramatic piece of art often makes more of a statement than several smaller pieces. Not that we don't love a gallery wall, but sometimes less is more.
  • Think your desk has to be all business? Think again. You will feel more inspired and be more productive in a stylish space. The best part about a desk that looks this good? It can double as a bedside table or a living room console.
  • Never underestimate the power of lighting. A unique lamp can free you from a decorating rut. Place this lamp in a foyer and wow anyone that enters your home.
  • What's more dramatic than this chic pet bed? Give your furry friend the gift of style and comfort with a designer piece that seamlessly blends with your interiors.

Drama can be a beautiful thing. If you're feeling like your home is looking a little tired it might just need a touch of something a little more exciting. Stop playing it safe and shake up your style with something new.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 16:07

Add Personality with a Statement Chair

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Decorating a space is about more than choosing the right furniture. While style is important you really have to consider color and pattern to give a space personality. Color and pattern are elements that can be used to completely change the feel of your home. An unexpected pattern or well-placed shot of color can make a statement in any space. You just have to know what statement you want it to make.

statement chair Kincaid


A Jenny Lind chair will give your home a sense of history. Color will give it a fresh look. A bold pairing of paint and designer fabric has a high-end look that your guests won't soon forget. Try placing one on each side of the fireplace to create a dramatic focal point in a living room.

statement chair kincaid fabric


A fresh take on an antique reproduction is what design dreams are made of. A dramatic fabric combo is one design risk that will always pay off. Pair this look with a tufted leather sofa for an eclectic look or a white linen sofa and gold accents for a modern and feminine vibe.

statement chair kincaid modern


Give earth tones a modern edge with the perfect statement chair. This piece with sleek lines and a graphic print instantly updates a space without making it feel too trendy. With a print this bold, less is more. Keep accessories to a minimum and the wall color light.

statement chair Kincaid classic


You don't have to give up your classic style to make a statement. A classic look in the right fabric can steal the spotlight. Pink and blue plaid is preppy, chic and playful. A black end table will keep it from looking too cutesy.

statement chair Kincaid stool


Don't forget about the kitchen! In a space that can feel cold and sterile it's often forgotten as a room where you can add color and pattern. Have a little fun in the kitchen by replacing standard stools with pieces that are painted and upholstered in a favorite print.

Let your home make a stylish statement with the right accent chair. With custom design options here at EF Brannon the possibilities are endless. So don't just go out and buy a chair. Visit our showroom and find the perfect piece to add your personality to your home.

Wednesday, 04 January 2017 14:57

Five Ways to Commit to Color

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Now that the New Year has arrived resolutions are well under way. Last week we talked about some of the ways updating your home can inspire those resolutions and keep you motivated all year. One of our suggestions was to add more color to your home. Color has a way of affecting our emotions and energy which makes it a great mood booster. But if you're the type that has a fear of commitment then read on. Here are five ways to introduce color into your home no matter your commitment level.

colorful riverside


The easiest way to introduce color to a space is with accessories. Think pillows, artwork and pretty pieces of pottery. Accessories are a quick fix and a fun way to play with color. This is also a great method for testing new hues and color combos you've always wanted to try.

colorful loloi


Add a bold rug for an instant update. In a neutral space a rich colorful rug will completely change how the room feels. If you're unsure about which direction to go with color then draw inspiration from a piece of artwork in the space or even from your surroundings outdoors.

colorful eastern accents

Eastern Accents

Add some energy-inducing color in the space where your day begins. New bedding in such an easy way to add color to your bedroom. Plus, it's low-commitment since it is so easily changed. Pair unexpected patterns with classic black and white prints for a fresh look.

colorful uttermost


If you're feeling a little more daring then banish the beige with a shot of color. An accent chair in a rich hue will add depth to a neutral space, especially when it's leather. Repeat the color in the space with various shades of the same color to add even more dimension.

colors kincaid


Finally, make a major change this year with a total room makeover. The personality of a space really begins to evolve when you introduce new fabrics and experiment with mixing patterns. When you get outside your comfort zone in decorating it just might inspire you to challenge yourself in other areas of life.

If your home is feeling outdated then freshen it up with some color. Go big or start small, but start now to make your home an inspiring place to be. Call our design center to get started today.

Here we are in the final days of the year. One thing that's on everyone's mind is how we can go into the New Year and make it better than the last. We're setting goals and making resolutions to better ourselves and our lives. Don't forget to include your home when planning personal goals. Since we're affected and inspired by our surroundings it is so important that we get our homes in order to start the New Year right. Here are six ways to get started.

kincaid storage bed


Get rid of the clutter! Make this easy on yourself by choosing furniture with built-in storage. Cocktail ottomans with lift-tops and beds with built-in storage are always smart choices. When your furniture is this functional it becomes so much easier to get control of the chaos. These types of pieces are especially useful in smaller homes where closet space is limited.

kincaid color couch


Don't shy away from color. Bold colors can energize a room and act as a mood booster. So if your goals for the New Year include being more productive then start with filling your home with colors that will wake the senses and boost your motivation.

uttermost artwork


Update tired artwork. If your artwork isn't something that makes you positively happy to look at then it shouldn't have a place in your home. Take it down and replace it with something you love. Don't stress about finding the right pieces. If your problem is simply that you can't find what you love then hire someone to help you. A professional will ensure that artwork is meaningful to you, not just pretty to look at.

eastern accents bedroom

Eastern Accents 

Update your bedroom. If you want to accomplish more this year then make sure you are sleeping well at night. This means you need a high quality mattress such as a Jamison so you'll be well-rested and ready to take on the world. But don't stop there. Dress your bed with beautiful bedding in designer fabrics to get that high-end hotel look.

kincaid living room


Rearrange your furniture. Nothing will derail your motivation quicker than a room that isn't properly laid out. You should be able to walk around the room comfortably without blocking entry points and walkways. This is another situation where it's a good idea to enlist the help of a designer or decorator. A fresh pair of eyes will usually have a fresh perspective.

uttermost chest


Finally, update your home's entry. When you walk into a beautiful space at the end of the day it just reminds you why your home is your sanctuary. Plus, an organized space will only help you stay on task for the New Year as you come and go. A pretty chest, a unique lamp or light fixture and great artwork are typically all you need to keep this area tidy and inspired.

Get on track this year by getting your home in order first. You'll be inspired and motivated from the moment you wake and you will be sure to reach all of your goals for the New Year. Don't forget, our designers are here to help you!



Tuesday, 20 December 2016 15:14

Interior Design Trend Alert: Moody Blue

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As we look towards the new year and upcoming trends in interior design one thing is very clear. One trend we are going to see in 2017 is color. Big, bold saturated hues are coming back. While the last year has been all about neutrals and whitewashed farmhouse styles, which we are still loving, we can't wait to see some color incorporated into these spaces. One of those colors is already trending and going strong. Moody blue is showing up in interiors everywhere. Let's take a look at why this hue works so well.

blue trends kincaid


The beautiful thing about blue is that it can take on so many characteristics. Blue is most often used for its serene effects but it can also be bold and exciting. Layered throughout a space and with varying patterns it has a more complex look.

moody blue trends kincaid


Wake up a sleepy corner with saturated blues. An accent chair in over-dyed upholstery adds depth to this space. A chic print propped against the wall is simple and pretty with a casual vibe.

kincaid moody blue


If you're craving more color then pair an indigo or cobalt blue with a bright orange or coral. These color combos bring an incredible energy to the space. Rich blue balances bright colors and keeps the look from feeling too cutesy.

blue trends by kincaid


Blues can have a sophisticated feel with the right pieces. Abstract prints are always stylish and blue pops against a white background. Custom pillows are the perfect way to add some moody blue to a polished space. Just keep pillows to a minimum for a crisp look.

blue trends loloi


A dose of the blues is well served with this traditional rug. It's a soft contrast to all the hard and edgy textures in the space. The blurred pattern pairs well with clean lines and geometric prints for a modern feel.

Moody blue is an existing color trend that will last well into the new year. If you want to work this look into your home and start the new year with a fresh look then visit our showroom or make an appointment with one of our designers today.


Tuesday, 13 December 2016 15:05

Five Simple Ways to Decorate Above a Bed

Written by

Waking up in a beautiful bedroom is the best way to start your day. When your surroundings are inspired you will feel the same way. A beautiful space doesn't have to be complicated. You can easily create style in your bedroom by choosing one or two simple pieces to hang over the bed. Wake up to inspiration with one of these five simple ways to decorate above the bed.

Riverside mirror


Classic accessories always work no matter what your style. Hang a sunburst mirror over the bed to create a pretty focal point. Not only will this draw the eye upward but mirrors also help to bounce light around the room.

Kincaid artwork


A bed this pretty doesn't need to be overshadowed by too many accessories but it does deserve something beautiful overhead. Hang one large piece of artwork to make a stylish statement. Choose a piece with a substantial frame to create a look that has presence.

Kincaid map art


Add a bold look in a simple way with black and white. An over-sized  map adds character to an otherwise straightforward and neutral space. An unexpected look in a bedroom, grids and curves are an interesting contrast to the hard lines of the bed.

Kincaid hanging prints


Bring on the color by hanging a pair of prints in rich bold hues. Create a relaxed flow in the room by repeating the colors already found in the space or shake things up by introducing something new and different.

Kincaid hanging art


Sometimes the best way to decorate a bed is by hanging art above the nightstand rather than over the headboard, especially in a bedroom with only one nightstand. This also helps to create balance in a room with a tall headboard. Layer in accessories and lighting to create depth.

Do you have trouble decorating over the bed? Don't overthink it. Just keep it simple with the approach that sometimes less is actually more. Find these looks and more in our showroom.

Tuesday, 06 December 2016 12:54

Unique Style: Revelation by Uttermost

Written by

While decorating goals and styles are different for everyone the end result should be the same. Everyone deserves a home that's filled with things they connect with, that bring joy to their lives and that reflect their personality. Furnishing a space with the right pieces is key when creating a specific look for a space and it's often those unique pieces that really make a home special. This is why we're so excited to share this incredible new collection called Revelation from Uttermost. It's filled with limited edition pieces designed with details that add character and are sure to one day become treasured family heirlooms.


Lapine Daybed

Use this hand-carved daybed to create more than a guest room. Create an experience your guests will never forget. A soft driftwood finish balances out this generous piece. Comfortable for either day or night this would also be a great piece for a home office that doubles as a guest space.


Roosevelt Sofa

Homes that have a personal and welcoming feel often have a look that has a sense of history. It's hard to create that feel when everything is brand new. That's why we love this beautiful sofa. Rich soft leather that has an aged look is so inviting. Leather can sometimes look cold but this one has a warm and cozy vibe while classic design makes it chic and stylish.


Arwen Accent Table 

Even the simplest of pieces can make a statement. With the right details an end table can be more than just an end table. Round glass on a polished angular base adds just the right amount of architectural interest. So if you feel like a space in your home is boring or one-dimensional this type of piece is a great addition.


Ester Sideboard

One of our favorite ways to add a unique look to a space is with an uncommon sideboard. It's such an easy way to infuse a space with texture and style. This one is a perfect example because it incorporates so many great elements. It's curvy yet has clean lines and adds pattern but in a neutral understated way.


Finnegan Coffee Table

Not all coffee tables are created equal. Some are functional and then some are functional while doubling as a work of art. When pieces mix materials they instantly rise above those basic pieces that simply serve a purpose. Reclaimed wood has that rustic quality that adds so much character but the really fun unexpected element is the blue stone top. It creates a contrast in materials and make this such a unique piece.

This is only a small sampling of what is available from Revelation by Uttermost. Visit our showroom to see more of this collection and to let us help you achieve your decorating goals by choosing unique pieces that speak to your own personal style.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016 15:33

Five Tips for Choosing a Sectional

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With so many options in living room furniture shopping for the right pieces can be totally overwhelming. It isn't always obvious what will best fit a space in order to make the most of it. Especially when it comes to choosing a sectional. Sectionals can be the perfect solution for your living room if you know how to go about choosing one. We want to help you avoid making a mistake so if you've been thinking about buying a sectional for your living room, read this first. These are our best five tips to help you when shopping for a sectional.

sectional flexsteel


Before you even start shopping you need to determine if a sectional is the best fit for your living room. Sectionals work well in large spaces and homes with open floor plans because they help to break up the space and define areas. In smaller spaces or long narrow living rooms a sofa is often a better choice. A good rule of thumb is that even with a sectional in the space you should still be able to move around the room comfortably.

sectional kincaid


Once you've determined that a sectional will work the next step is to figure out how big it should be. This means you need to know the exact measurements of the room and make note of the focal point, doors, and walkways. This will also tell you exactly where the sectional should be placed in the layout of the room.

sectional flexsteel


Now that you know what size of sectional the room can hold you should decide if you want to max out the entire space with the sectional or use a smaller one with an accent chair or two. Just because you can fit a giant sectional into the space that doesn't mean you should. Breaking up the seating can sometimes give a room a better flow.

sectional flexsteel


Now you should think about how you use the space. Is this a casual room where you like to relax? Or is it a more formal space where you do a lot of entertaining. These are important questions to ask yourself so you can make the right choice in the type of sectional you want. For example, a reclining sectional might be right for a more casual living room while a sleek stationary sectional would be more appropriate for a formal home.  

sectional flexsteel


Finally, you should think about your occasional tables. Will they work with a sectional or will you need to buy something new? For example, a round cocktail table is sometimes a better fit with a sectional than a square one. Also, if you opt for a sectional with a built in console and cup holders it might eliminate the need for an end table.

We hope you find these tips helpful but if you still need some guidance we can help you through the entire process. Get even more personalized advice by visiting our showroom and meeting with one of our designers.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 20:32

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Written by

home decor gift guide

bow pillow / faux fur pillows & throw / pentagon cubes / candle holders / boxes / hands / greyhounds

It's that time of year again and we couldn't be more excited. If there's one thing we love to do it's help people find pieces that make their home special. It's even more fun to help people choose those pieces for loved ones as gifts. So we put together a home decor gift guide to help you with your gift list. Put a smile on someone's face this holiday season with a carefully selected item that's just as special as the one you're buying it for.

  • You can't go wrong with a plush throw and pretty pillows. Give the gift of cozy and style with these faux-fur pillows and fuzzy throw in neutrals that will complement any home.
  • Every home could use a little glam and these pentagon cubes serve the perfect dose. For the lover of all things chic this is a gift that won't disappoint. They're perfect for styling into a bookcase, propping on a nightstand or an arrangement on a cocktail table.
  • Everyone loves candles! Just don't stop there. The decor lover in your life wants something pretty to put them in.
  • Stylish boxes are always a good idea. Give the give of organization with these boxes that are worthy of being on display and styled into shelving in any space.
  • Give the gift of artwork with a unique sculpture. Select something that reflects their interests, such as their affection for animals, or opt for something a little more artistic that will serve as a conversation piece.

Visit our showroom for unique gifts large and small. No matter who you're shopping for we can help you choose the perfect piece to make this the most memorable holiday yet.

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