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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 12:31

The Beauty of Simplicity

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Great design isn’t always elaborate. Sometimes the most beautiful spaces are simple and uncomplicated. Often referred to minimalism, spaces that are uncomplicated are good for the mind and soul. Since clutter can create chaos a simplistic approach to decorating can turn your home into a serene retreat. If your home, or your life, is feeling busy, cluttered or chaotic then it might be time to pare down and enjoy the beauty of simplicity. 

simple design


White walls create a blank canvas for a unique piece of artwork. Let your senses rest in a space that limits color and pattern. This dining space is proof that a room can showcase style and personality with minimal pieces. 

simple home design


Simple doesn’t have to be boring. Create a dramatic space with white tufted chairs against a dark wall and finish it with a graphic punch of pattern. This space combines all the elements of a glam and bold design. 

simple home designs


You can remove visual noise from a room simply limiting the color palette and turning around the books on shelves. This is a much more natural look and all those bare pages create another texture in the space. 

simple dining room design


Let the architecture in the room be the focal point. Draw the eye up to exposed beams by hanging a cool light fixture. Keep artwork to a minimum by using just one or two large pieces.

simple bedroom design


A neutral palette in the bedroom could be one of the best things you do for yourself during times of chaos. Beige walls create a quite landscape. Use neutral bedding to create a calm sleeping space and limited toss pillows for easy bed making in the morning.

A simplistic approach to decor can be just as beautiful as bold colorful spaces. What’s important is that the design reflects your personality and your home is filled with pieces you love and make you happy. 

Monday, 08 August 2016 16:09

Anatomy of an Entry

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The entry of a home is important. It’s the first thing your guests see when they enter your home so it has to be well designed. A great entry will create a welcoming feeling and set the tone for the style of your home. The formula is simple. Start with the basics then have fun with the rest. These elements are what make up the anatomy of a stylish entry. 


Stratford Console

Every entry needs some type of console or cabinet, even a small one. This will anchor the area and provide the framework for the rest of the space. It doesn’t have to be labeled a “foyer piece”. 
It can be any type of cabinet, console or even an accent table. What’s important is that the size and style fit the space. 

entryway table

Denia Lamp

Great lighting is a must. That could mean a pair of lamps or a statement making chandelier. It will really depend on the size of your entry piece and the amount of light that’s needed. In a large space you might use both.
entryway uttermost artwork


Hang artwork that relates to the rest of the home. It should set the tone for the style you’ve created in your home. When a guest enters your home the foyer should be a sneak peek at what’s to come. Hang it over the entry piece to add height. 

entryway brayden mirror

Brayden Mirror

In an entry a mirror is a great alternative to artwork. It bounces light around the space plus you can do a last minute check as you walk out the door. There are so many fun options in decorative mirrors it’s an easy way to add style and function to this space. 

entryway willa armchair

Willa Armchair

Seating is always a welcome sight in any entry. Even if no one ever uses it, it creates an inviting feel and that’s always a vibe your home should have. It could be just one chair but it adds softness and introduces another texture.

Does your entry incorporate these basic elements? If your entry doesn’t reflect your style or feel very inviting then it’s time to make some changes. Let us help you redesign it! You can shop our showroom for all items shown or let one of our designers select your custom look. 

kitchen stools

one / two / three / four / five / six

The kitchen is such a utilitarian space that it can be tricky to incorporate pieces that add personality and style. It’s a place where people gather to cook, to eat and sometimes to just hang out. It should be more than a functional space. It should be beautiful, comfortable and speak to your style. A fun way to add style in the kitchen is with barstools or counter stools that go beyond basic. Choose stools with personality and your kitchen will become so much more than a place to cook.

  1. Give a farmhouse kitchen a modern touch. Distressed black stools topped with linen and polished nailhead trim gives a white kitchen an edgy vibe. Black and white is a combo that always looks crisp.

  2. Go all out funky with metal and hand carved wood. This look is both futuristic and simplistic. These structural stools are a great pick for a modern kitchen with gleaming stainless steel.

  3. If your home has an eclectic feel then consider this wingback inspired stool. Moody blue has a certain sophistication and is so on trend. Take the look to the next level with a vintage inspired rug.

  4. This saddle stool is anything but boring. Leather has so much character, especially in this worn look. Add these stools to any kitchen for an instant southwestern appeal.

  5. You can never go wrong with classic tufted linen. Glam up the kitchen with these luxurious and comfortable stools. Details such as tufting are what make a room interesting.

  6. Woven seagrass is a fun way to add texture to a space that’s feeling one dimensional. These stools have a cottage feel and this seagrass blends well with nearly any type of cabinet finish. Polyester seat cushions provide next level comfort.

What does your kitchen say about your style? Give your kitchen a mini-makeover with new counter or bar stools that go beyond basic. Your home deserves a designer look and you can find it here. These stools and more are available here at EF Brannon. 

A well designed space is more than a collection of beautiful things. A space that makes you want to stay awhile is one that has great energy. You’ll know when you enter a room with great energy because you instantly feel invigorated and inspired. Create amazing energy in your own home with five key elements.

room design energy



1. Color. Different colors can create different vibes. Instantly recharge a space by infusing it with shades of pink. Corals create a great sense of energy. It’s that balance of bright and cheerful without being too overbearing. 


bedroom energy


2. Bold artwork. Think big when it comes to artwork. An oversized abstract or black and white photograph creates impact. Create a large gallery wall of your favorite prints or use one large piece. The key is that it inspires because when you’re inspired you’re energized. 


living room energy


3. Pattern. Believe it or not, pattern can add energy to space in different ways. Even subtle patterns, when mixed properly, can infuse a space with personality.  Pattern can be introduced into a room in many ways. Pillows, window panels and even accessories are an easy way to layer pattern into a space.


energy in living room

4. Contrast. A space without contrast can leave you feeling flat. Even a neutral space can have contrast. It’s all about creating highs and lows. In this space a neutral sofa is contrasted with navy and bright whites. 


energy accessories


5. Something personal. A black and white photograph, a treasured antique or a few of your favorite books can be displayed to say something about you. These are all things that can be incorporated into your decor and nothing gives a room better energy than infusing it with the personality of those that live there. 

Do you want to change the energy in your home? Start here! We can help with changes big or small. Call to schedule an appointment today. 


Tuesday, 19 July 2016 14:17

Live Fearlessly with Sunbrella Fabrics

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Have you ever shopped for new furniture with the idea that you have to sacrifice style for durability? That’s simply not true. Not when you know what to shop for. With so many fabric options it can be overwhelming to figure out which one is the best choice. So we’re making it really easy for you by offering custom designer pieces upholstered in Sunbrella fabrics.

sunbrella logo

You may be wondering what’s so great about Sunbrella. Well, it doesn’t fade and is easily washed with soap, water and even bleach. It can literally be washed. Sofas, upholstered beds and even dining chairs are now available in some super stylish fabrics that can withstand just about anything. 

sunbrella dining


Live fearlessly. White upholstered dining chairs are no match for family dinners or the rowdiest dinner parties. Sunbrella fabrics let you enjoy your furniture, not worry about it.


sunbrella living room


Go light and airy! Furniture doesn’t have to be covered in fabrics that will hide stains when they’re so easily cleaned. So go ahead and get that gorgeous linen look you’ve been dreaming about. 


sunbrella bedroom


Would you believe this gorgeous bed is upholstered in Sunbrella fabric? It’s true! Style and durability can co-exist. 


sunbrella pillows


sunbrella chair


If color is your thing, they’ve got that covered too. Sunbrella fabrics are available in so many stylish patterns and bold colors. From geometrics to florals there is something for every style.

We know your home is more than a place to showcase beautiful designs. It’s where you live your life and you should be able to do that worry-free.

So go ahead and bring that drink into the living room. Let your dog get comfortable next to you. The kids can even have their ice cream. Still skeptical? Click here to watch this short video then visit our showroom. We can’t wait to show you everything Sunbrella has to offer. 



Monday, 11 July 2016 18:28

Two-Toned Pieces for Every Look

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Just as we believe all pieces of furniture in a room don’t have to match we also believe that not every piece has to be just one color or finish. Sometimes two-toned pieces are a better fit. Two-toned pieces are typically finished with one stain on the base and another on the top. However, there are also many pieces that incorporate paints and other specialty finishes. We love using two-toned pieces because they offer versatility. No matter the style of your home a two-toned piece is a beautiful way to add interest. 

living room table

living room table

These tables from Riverside furniture pair the best of dual finishes: a light stain that allows all that beautiful wood grain to show through and a concrete top that adds a no-nonsense element. These tables work with modern or rustic spaces. 


dining room table


For the more traditional home, try a subtle two-toned look like the Belmeade collection in Old World Oak and Raven Black. A combination of soft grey stain with a black painted finish creates a sophisticated look. This layered effect gives you more options when adding other pieces. 

tv standbedroom setThe two-toned finish on Kincaid's Weatherford collection is all about that rustic farmhouse vibe. But you don’t have to live in a farmhouse to use the look. Fortunately, this elegant take on rustic details and the combination of Cornsilk and Heather finishes makes it easy to bring this look into modern homes. 



When you need to add just one piece to a space, make it count. An accent piece that blends finishes and has major texture can be a game changer for a room. Look for pieces like this bookcase that adds a pop of color, brings dimension with texture and is highly functional. 

dining room cherryaccent table
An always classic look in two-toned pieces is this mix of black and cherry by Riverside. Cherry stained tops are a traditional approach to wood furniture but the black painted base gives it a more modern feel. These pieces work in practically any home for a timeless style.

Add a fresh look to your home with two-toned furniture. It’s a fun way to try something new and mix something different with existing pieces. Which look is your favorite? Check out all the options in stylish two-toned furniture by visiting our showroom. 

A living room that wows is about more than buying the right furniture. A well designed space incorporates several elements. Choosing the right pieces is only the beginning. Knowing where to place them and how to finish the space is where the decorating magic happens. It’s easy to create a living room with a designer look. Just follow these guidelines for incorporating the top five elements of a well-designed space. 

living room design


A mixture of pattern and texture. Rooms that have character always have a mix of pieces upholstered in a variety of fabrics. Create a layered look by adding a chair in a bold pattern to a neutral sofa. Soften the look of leather with an upholstered cocktail ottoman.  


living room design


Furniture is arranged to encourage conversation. Sofas and chairs facing each other create a more intimate space. In a large living room you should have more than one conversation area. Create zones by grouping more chairs away from the main seating area. It creates a better flow and makes the space more functional. 


living room design


The television blends into the design. In a room where the television is the focal point it must be placed on a properly sized piece of furniture. Don’t ruin a great design by using a TV console that’s too small. The television shouldn’t hang over the edge of the console. Of course, you shlouldn’t forget to decorate around it.


living room design


Accessories vary in size, they aren’t overdone nor are they too minimal. The purpose of accessories is to infuse personality into the design. If there are too many than personality can become lost and if there are too few then the space is just left feeling uninspired. Start with large scale pieces then scatter in some smaller ones. 


living room design


Great lighting. Lighting is so important because it always sets the tone. You wouldn’t want the same lighting for entertaining as you would for curling up to watch a movie. Put overhead lights on a dimmer and place lamps throughout the room to give yourself plenty of lighting options. Add style with a statement making chandelier.

How many of these elements are present in your living room and how many are missing? We can help you complete the look. Call us for in an in-home appointment. Because everyone deserves a beautifully designed home. 

Neutral interiors are a huge trend right now. While there is no doubt that monochromatic spaces are stylish, sometimes you just need a little color. You might not want to commit to color in large doses, such as on your furniture or even in your wall color. That doesn’t have to mean your life will be forever beige. You can easily add color with artwork and instantly brighten up a room to get that color fix you’re craving. 

artwork for home

A painting this bright and colorful is sure to make a statement in your home. If you’re looking for a way to inject color and a happy vibe, this is it. Hang it in a foyer and you’ll set the tone for the rest of the house. 

artwork for home

Brightening up a room can be done with more than the obvious colors. Even a moody blue painting can give a space new life. Abstract paintings come in all kinds of color hues. It’s easy; just choose one in your favorite colors. 

artwork for the home

Even a single color, when delivered with impact, can be just what a neutral room needs to take it to the next level. Indigo blue botanicals on a white background are crisp and dramatic when hung in a large grid.  

artwork for the home

These pretty pastels are colorful with a feminine vibe. Perfect a girl’s room or really any space that needs a soft touch. Gold leafed frames add a sophisticated feel for a chic approach to pastel. 

artwork for the home

Color doesn’t have to be bold and in-your-face to add interest. Add subtle color with these paintings that would be perfect for a lake house or farmhouse. The rustic frames give them character and an easy going feel.

Does your home need a little color? All pieces shown are by Uttermost and available here at EF Brannon. So come by and pick out your favorite piece. Whether you’re craving a little color or a lot, we’ve got you covered. 


Monday, 20 June 2016 17:47

Solving Your Design Dilemmas

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Welcome to our new design series! We want to help you solve your decorating problems and design dilemmas. All you have to do is send us a few photos of the room in question and tell us about the problems you’re having with the space. Then we’ll guide you on how to make the most of the room and offer our best design advice.

Our first design dilemma comes from a reader that is having trouble with furniture arrangement. This is an issue that many people struggle with. In this case, it’s a living room so we know this is a space where people are gathering and watching television. Which of course, means there should be comfortable seating and plenty of it.

When arranging furniture doors, windows and walkways typically dictate the layout. However you should also consider how the space will function and of course the size of the room. 

living room makeover
living room makeover
living room makeover

First of all, we have to say job well done on a pretty and classic space. It has a great mix of texture and architectural elements. However, there are a couple of issues that instantly stand out.

  1. The scale of the pieces. The arrangement works but too many small chairs are throwing the room off balance.
  2. Lack of color. Artwork and a couple of large scale accessories will make the room feel more finished.

We can see two great options for this space. Both would provide plenty of seating and balance the space while keeping walkways and entry points clear.

Option One

Remove the two small chairs on the right side of the room. Replace the rocking chair that’s next to the sofa with a club chair that’s more proportionate to the sofa. Place a more substantial accent chair to the left of the console and move the rocking chair to the right of the console. We know there is a bedroom door to the right of the stairs. The rocking chair should be small enough to allow the door to open yet big enough to work with the scale of the other pieces. 

living room accent pieces

Option Two

If our reader wanted to make an even bigger change she could start by moving the television. Hanging it over the fireplace would eliminate the need for the console which would be removed, along with all three chairs. The sofa could then be replaced with a small sectional and some plush pillows. An accent chair could be placed on the right side of the room, angled just in front of the built-in bookcase. 

living room design

Finally, we would also exchange the cocktail ottoman for something a little bigger. A round table would create a nice flow, especially with a sectional, and add softness to a room with a lot of angles. The iron candleholder would look great on the cocktail table by adding a rustic element. Then we would hang a large clock over the sofa and a pair of paintings on the opposite wall. These will add both color and interest.

If the television stays where it is then it could be flanked by the abstract paintings. If the television is moved to hang over the fireplace the prints could be hung together but staggered.

We hope this helps our reader get the most of her space and inspires her to make the changes that will solve her design dilemma. We want to help you too! Just submit your design challenges here and your home could be featured on our blog. Don’t forget, our design staff will also meet with you in your home to ensure you get personalized advice that caters to your style and your family’s needs. Just call or visit our showroom to make an appointment today. 

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