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We all want our homes to look great. Yet with busy schedules and ever increasing to-do lists it's not always easy to make home organization a top priority. But it is possible. Your home can look polished and put-together even with minimal effort. It just takes a little strategic planning when decorating. Here are five easy ways to ensure your home always looks put-together.

Uttermost trays


Lose the clutter! Okay, we know that's easier said than done but you can easily manage clutter with pretty trays and decorative bins and boxes. A room always looks more organized when small items are corralled into a pretty container. Place trays on table tops and work decorative boxes into bookshelves.

Kincaid storage ottoman


When possible, choose furniture with built-in storage. Beds with built-in drawers and cocktail ottomans with lift-tops work double duty. When items such as extra blankets and magazines have a home it's easy to store them away quickly and grab them when needed.

Uttermost chair


Opt for sofas and chairs designed with a tight back. This type of upholstered piece is designed without any loose cushions on the back. Which means it never has to be fluffed and always looks nice and neat. Tight-back sofas are well tailored and have a clean design.  

Loloi rugs


Use the appropriate size rug for each space. Rugs are not a one-size-fits-all type of situation. A rug that's too small will make a space feel disjointed and chaotic. In a seating area, a rug should be big enough that all the front legs of the furniture rest on the rug.

Uttermost chair


Unify rooms with paint. Using the same paint color throughout your home will help each room flow seamlessly into the next. When every room is painted a different color it can feel disorderly. Choose a versatile neutral and you'll have the luxury of moving pieces around the house for an instant refresh. 

You can have a home that always looks put-together with these easy-to-implement decorating tricks. Visit our showroom for even more advice on ways to make your home beautiful and functional.

A dining room is so much more enjoyable when it's functional and that means choosing the right kind of storage. Being able to easily access what you need means setting the table quickly and not having to leave your guests often during dinner. While china cabinets and sideboards are a necessity they should also add style to the space. These are some of our favorite pieces that combine style with function to help you make the most of your dining space.

dining room storage Kincaid


If dinner parties are a common occurrence in your home then consider a sleek sideboard with plenty of storage. Store extra dishes out of sight and use the open surface to keep drinks or sides within reach. You'll be able to set up for entertaining at even a moment's notice.

dining room storage riverside


Don't overwhelm your dining space with a piece that's too big. You can have storage with a light and airy look by choosing a china cabinet that has open shelving. With this easy-going piece you can casually display dishes by stacking plates and cups while mixing in bigger items such as pitchers and bowls. Everyday items will always be at the ready.

dining room sideboard Kincaid


In a small dining space you might think less is more. But adding the right sideboard can make it more functional. This piece is designed to hold bottles and glasses with enclosed storage to boot. This small but mighty sideboard is perfect for stashing linens and placemats. Add color and a casual vibe with leaning artwork and fresh flowers.

dining room china cabinet kincaid


A statement piece adds major style. If you prefer the more traditional china cabinet but crave a modern look then opt for a piece with glass doors and angular design such as a fretwork. You can display your prettiest dishes and barware while keeping necessary, but not as pretty items, hidden behind closed doors.  

china cabinet Kincaid


Take advantage of a large dining space with a generously sized china cabinet. Even if you don't want to display china you can make great use of all the storage a piece like this has to offer. Display everyday dishes while mixing in decorative items for a little personality. This piece is perfect for a modern farmhouse or a home with coastal or cottage style.  Use all that space underneath for extras that are only used on special occasions.

If your dining space isn't working for you then visit our design center. Whether it's simply choosing the right storage or a complete dining room makeover we can turn it into a space you'll love.

Monday, 13 March 2017 17:54

Four Ways to Style Pillows

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Pillows are an excellent way to add some fresh style to your home. As beautiful as your home is, sometimes you just need a change. The best thing about mixing it up with pillows is the instant gratification. But don't just go out and buy new pillows without a little forethought. Consider the kind of change you want to make. Does the space need more color? More pattern? Here are four ways to style pillows to perk up any space.

stylish pillows Loloi


If you're feeling a little bored with the style of a space then try a new look with an eclectic mix of pillows. Not everything has to match all the time. In a space with a lot of symmetry this is a great way to shake up your style. Pull from the colors in the space but find inspiration in new textures, colors and patterns.

neutral Kincaid pillows


Add interest to a room by styling it with pillows in blended neutrals. Color isn't always the answer. Layered neutral patterns can be just as exciting. Pair small prints with oversized patterns and use lots of contrast to make it pop.

matching pillows Kincaid


Create order in a space by using two or three pairs of matching pillows. In a room that's lacking direction or balance this adds a polished touch. If it feels too matchy-matchy you can always toss in a wild card pillow to add a more personal feel.

pattern pillows Kincaid


Bring small bursts of color into a space with by pairing solids and patterns in bold hues. Color can add amazing energy to a space and sometimes pillows serve the perfect dose. Pile them on or keep it to a minimum of four. How many pillows you use will depend on how much color you're craving.

Updating a room with new pillows may seem like a simple solution but it's often those small luxuries that make a big impact. Try a new way of styling pillows to update the spaces in your home that need a fresh look.

Tuesday, 07 March 2017 18:11

Stylish Dining Room Seating Options

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Dining spaces are meant for so much more than just having a meal. Entertaining guests, celebrating birthdays and spending time with the people you love is often done at the dinner table. This means your dining space should be comfortable, beautiful and interesting. Think beyond the standard table and chairs and mix it up with some seating options that are far beyond basic.

dining room seating Uttermost


An obvious alternative to standard dining chairs is a bench. Not so obvious is styling it in a way that results in a space that's rich in texture. Keep it from looking like a picnic area with upholstered end chairs. These will soften the look and amp up the style. Finish the space with a plush rug.

dining room chairs Uttermost


When choosing upholstered chairs for your table consider an accent chair. Chairs with a high back punctuate the table and add height. Gray linen is an unexpected and stylish surprise. Mix this look with metal side chairs for a chic industrial look.

dining room seating Kincaid


Create a cozy dining space with a wrap-around banquette. Perfect for intimate dinner parties where the focus is on conversation. You'll look forward to gathering around the table every night with a space this pretty and comfortable.

dining room bench Uttermost


An upholstered bench is a chic alternative to one that's made of wood. Back it against the wall and create a dining space in a cozy corner to give your home a trendy cafe feel. Make it even more comfortable with throw pillows. Your guests will linger long after dinner is finished.

dining room slipper chairs Uttermost


Studded slipper chairs with round backs add a sophisticated sense of drama. The combination of rustic wood with formal skirted chairs creates a dynamic look. Add classic bentwood chairs for a modern farmhouse feel.

If your dining space needs a change then mix it up with some stylish seating. Let's create that dining space you've been dreaming of! Shop our showroom where our designers will create a custom look tailored to you and your home.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 15:42

Five Ways to Add Southern Charm

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southern charm room design

prints / greenery / pillow / chair / chest 

If there's one thing that people love about the south, it's good old-fashioned southern charm. It's that part of the culture that influences the way we decorate our homes. Southern homes have history and convey tradition but are certainly not shy about trends. It's all about balancing comfort with charm. Southern style is easily incorporated into your home with a few key staples.

Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are a southern classic. They bring to mind lush ferns and pretty blossoms that we enjoy so much in the south. Matted and framed, botanical prints become a chic statement for your walls.

Anything Monogrammed

You can add southern flair to practically anything with a pretty monogram. Pillows are the most obvious option but there are many other stylish ways to use this southern staple. Table linens, dinnerware, and wall art can be turned into something special with this personal touch.


A southern home just wouldn't be complete without a little greenery. Trees and plants add an earthy element and calming effect. Don't have a green thumb? Don't worry! There are many great faux options like the magnolia plant pictured above.

Worn Leather

Worn leather is cozy and inviting. Just like you can rely on an old friend, you can rely on the comfort of a well-worn leather chair or sofa for years. There's nothing stuffy about this rugged look which makes it a southern style go-to. 

Patina Finishes 

Pieces with a patina or chippy paint are a classic element of southern style. Weathered finishes add a little bit of soul and history. From brightly painted pieces to those with raw wood finishes, these aged beauties speak for themselves.


Even if you don't live in the south, you can enjoy all the style that southern charm has to offer. Just incorporate a few of these elements into your home. Call or visit our showroom for more ways to get the look.


Tuesday, 21 February 2017 14:20

Stylish Spaces with Casual Dining Furniture

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Just because you're creating a casual space that doesn't mean it can't have major style. Casual is a word that's often used to describe dining furniture that isn't formal, but it always sounds less than exciting. Casual isn't about being plain or boring. The idea behind creating a casual space is that it's approachable and inviting. However, it can still be pretty. Create a gorgeous casual dining space by incorporating different design elements for an interesting mix.

casual dining furniture Kincaid


Create a gallery wall to take a casual space to the next level. Mix eclectic artwork with collected pieces to design a space that's filled with conversation pieces. This custom look adds a personal feel to an otherwise typical space.

casual dining furniture by Kincaid


Something as simple as updating the light fixture can create a new feel in a space. Go for something unexpected to add a twist. This oversized pendant introduces an industrial element in this bright and airy space.

casual dining furniture Riverside


Lack of color is the last thing you notice in this neutral dining space furnished with rustic pieces. Statement art, the creative use of light fixtures and lots of greenery make this a comfortable and beautiful space that's perfect for entertaining.

casual dining accent Kincaid


An accent wall is a clever way to sneak a little architecture into a space without a major remodel. A barn wood or shiplap wall adds texture and interest while creating a cozy feel. Accent walls can turn a casual room into an unforgettable space.

casual dining furniture Flexsteel


Casual craftsman style dining furniture looks fresh against crisp white. Create contrast in the kitchen by pairing rich wood finishes with lighter finishes on cabinets. Artwork and fresh flowers give the space a perfectly layered look.

You can use some of these design tricks to update your casual dining space or you can create a new one by visiting our showroom. We have everything you need to get the look and experienced designers to help you every step of the way.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 17:08

Ideas for Decorating Above the Fireplace

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When it's just too cold to be out and about we find ourselves spending more time at home and often in front of the fireplace. So turn that gorgeous architectural feature of your home into something you really enjoy looking at. Decorate above the fireplace so that it creates a beautiful focal point in the room. You'll find yourself enjoying it so much you're bound to forget about those grey skies.

fireplace by loloi


Balance on offset fireplace by placing items on one side of the hearth. Add height by stacking books to use as a pedestal. Layering black and white photos looks crisp against painted brick. Finish the look with a fun conversation piece.

fireplace by flexsteel


In this neutral and dressy space layered artwork adds a casual vibe over the fireplace. Add a simple arrangement of flowers for a chic pop of color. Even if you don't use the fireplace fill it with logs for a rustic feel.

fireplace by loloi


For a more-is-more look use a statement mirror over a beautifully detailed fireplace. Balance it out and add warmth by flanking it with a pair of sconces. When using several polished finishes add a potted flower or plant to give the space an organic touch.  

fireplace by kincaid


Hang or lean a large mirror over the mantel with a frame that matches the wall color. It will seamlessly blend into the wall while creating the illusion of a higher ceiling. For a monochromatic look add pottery, candles and flowers in the same color.

fireplace by loloi


Go for an eclectic look by layering textures and adding a quirky piece or two. An aged metal mirror or unusual piece of artwork is a great place to start. Don't be afraid to decorate with everyday items. Add baskets, plants and even pieces picked up on your travels for a global vibe.

Turn your fireplace into a beautiful focal point for your home. When you decorate it with the right pieces you can turn it into a stylish space you will enjoy in any season. Visit our showroom to find more ways to decorate this, or any space, in your home.

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 15:46

Five Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

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Decorating with mirrors is a great way to add style to your home when you think beyond function. More than just a looking glass, a mirror can instantly brighten a space, create the illusion of making it feel more open and add beauty and texture. A creative use of mirrors can actually take the place of artwork. There are ways to decorate with mirrors that are far beyond basic. Here are five of our favorites.

large mirrors

Layer mirrors and lighting. A strategically placed mirror adds a whole other dimension to a space. Hang a large scale mirror so that it is centered with a statement-making light fixture for double the impact. Keep accessories to a minimum for a chic look.

mirrors for symmetry

Use mirrors to add symmetry. Flank a piece of artwork with two over-sized mirrors. This will balance the space without taking focus from the artwork. Though the mirrors are bigger than the painting the eye is automatically drawn to the center of the space, creating a focal point.

mirrors round

Create contrast in shapes. Soften a space that's heavy on angular lines by hanging a round mirror. Choose a mirror that also introduces a new texture. Polished metal is a glam contrast to these wood cabinets.  

mirrors small

Create a grid with several small mirrors. The repetition of many small pieces is unexpected and has a modern feel. This works with small mirrors of any shape. With this look, more is better.

window mirrors

Create the illusion of windows. Large mirrors with a window pane detail create the sense of floor to ceiling windows. This adds architectural interest and makes a space feel much bigger. Place just one on a small span of wall space or line them up for a more dramatic effect.

Does this make you look at mirrors in a new way? Mirrors don't have to be basic. If you're ready to get the look then visit our showroom. We can help you create any of these looks in your homes with these mirrors, all from Uttermost and available here at EF Brannon Furniture.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017 14:38

Four Ways to Use Patterns

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Mixing patterns can be one of the most difficult aspects of decorating yet it's one of the best ways to bring a design to life. Pattern not only adds personality and interest to a space but can be used to convey a mood. But if you don't know what you want a room to say it can be difficult to know what type of patterns to use and how to mix them. These are some of our best tips for bringing pattern into your home in intentional ways that take your spaces to the next level.

Kincaid wallpaper


Wallpaper is back in a big way. Gone are the days of matchy-matchy borders. Today's wallpaper is all about fearless patterns. Get this look by going bold with wallpaper and limiting pattern in the rest of the space. Upholstery with rich texture and contrasting hues gives the eye a place to rest.

Kincaid plaid pattern


It's important to consider scale when mixing patterns. Take this living room for example. Plaid and ikat come together to create a sophisticated space with a touch of whimsy. Ikat, which is an unstructured pattern, adds a sense of adventure to always classic and more buttoned-up plaid. A pairing of classic and trendy patterns give a room a fresh feel.

Eastern Accent patterns

Eastern Accents

Think in threes when mixing patterns. Two is good but three is better when you use this no-fail formula. Start with a large scale pattern such as a floral or paisley. Then add a modern print that has clean lines. A Greek key or geometric is an easy pick. Finish the look with a wild card. An animal print always adds a chic element. Work with fabrics in shades of the same color to keep the look cohesive.

Kincaid neutral patterns


When in doubt layer neutrals. It's so easy to do since there is no color involved. Mixing patterns in a neutral space gives it personality and elevates it beyond the cookie-cutter look. It' so versatile because it never limits you to just one look. You can add a little color anytime you're craving a change.

You don't have to struggle with mixing patterns. Use these tips to mix patterns and fabrics in your home with confidence. Don't be afraid to try something new even if you only start with a few pillows on the sofa. Just get outside your comfort zone and see what happens. Meet with one of our designers for more ideas on how to get the right look for your home.

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