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We all want our homes to look great. Yet with busy schedules and ever increasing to-do lists it's not always easy to make home organization a top priority. But it is possible. Your home can look polished and put-together even with minimal effort. It just takes a little strategic planning when decorating. Here are five easy ways to ensure your home always looks put-together.

Uttermost trays


Lose the clutter! Okay, we know that's easier said than done but you can easily manage clutter with pretty trays and decorative bins and boxes. A room always looks more organized when small items are corralled into a pretty container. Place trays on table tops and work decorative boxes into bookshelves.

Kincaid storage ottoman


When possible, choose furniture with built-in storage. Beds with built-in drawers and cocktail ottomans with lift-tops work double duty. When items such as extra blankets and magazines have a home it's easy to store them away quickly and grab them when needed.

Uttermost chair


Opt for sofas and chairs designed with a tight back. This type of upholstered piece is designed without any loose cushions on the back. Which means it never has to be fluffed and always looks nice and neat. Tight-back sofas are well tailored and have a clean design.  

Loloi rugs


Use the appropriate size rug for each space. Rugs are not a one-size-fits-all type of situation. A rug that's too small will make a space feel disjointed and chaotic. In a seating area, a rug should be big enough that all the front legs of the furniture rest on the rug.

Uttermost chair


Unify rooms with paint. Using the same paint color throughout your home will help each room flow seamlessly into the next. When every room is painted a different color it can feel disorderly. Choose a versatile neutral and you'll have the luxury of moving pieces around the house for an instant refresh. 

You can have a home that always looks put-together with these easy-to-implement decorating tricks. Visit our showroom for even more advice on ways to make your home beautiful and functional.

Published in Room Design
Tuesday, 30 August 2016 15:39

Solving Your Design Dilemmas

Welcome back to our Room Redesign series! Where our designers solve your biggest design challenges and show you how to make the most of your space. Our most recent design challenge comes from a customer that is struggling with her kitchen. Her biggest issues are lack of color and what to do with the windows. Let’s take a look at the space. 

kitchen redesign

kitchen interior

While this is a darling kitchen we believe our reader would be much happier by making a few changes that will add color and pattern while making the space feel finished and a little cozier. First, we’ll take a look at three basic ways to make the most of this space then we’ll go into more detail about how to make it happen. 

Design Plan

redesign accent pieces

  1. Add window treatments and a rug that incorporates color and pattern.
  2. Replace the etagere with a small accent piece that will serve as a sideboard.
  3. Incorporate more texture.

redesign kitchen ideas

The easiest way to add some color to this space is by hanging panels over the window. Floor length panels in a geometric print will also add some interest but keeping the bamboo shades will help add privacy. Plus it’s a great combination of textures!

We can also add more function to the space by incorporating a fun accent piece that will serve as a sideboard. Not only would it add to the design element of this space but it would provide more storage while filling out the wall, making the room feel more balanced.

This means we would remove the etagere. However we would definitely keep the eclectic artwork! 

kitchen redesign ideas

For the window over the sink we would hang a custom cornice board or roman shade in the same fabric as the window panels. This will add softness and color but still allow light to flow throughout the space. In order to tie in the color of the window treatments we would place a rug underneath the dining table. This will also ground the space and add some warmth. 

If space allows we would add more texture with a woven seagrass chair on each end of the table. Mix and match dining chairs are such a great way to add personality to an eat-in kitchen and it provides more seating for entertaining.

Finally, we would replace the centerpiece on the table with something bigger to add visual height and add color to the counters with some pretty but simple jars or vases. 


redesign accent pieces

panels / chair / vases / cabinet / floral / rug

Do you have a space in your home you’re struggling with? Let us know! We want to help you with your design challenges. Visit us in the store to make an in-home appointment or visit us online to submit your photos to be a part of our online Room Redesign series.