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Monday, 13 March 2017 17:54

Four Ways to Style Pillows

Pillows are an excellent way to add some fresh style to your home. As beautiful as your home is, sometimes you just need a change. The best thing about mixing it up with pillows is the instant gratification. But don't just go out and buy new pillows without a little forethought. Consider the kind of change you want to make. Does the space need more color? More pattern? Here are four ways to style pillows to perk up any space.

stylish pillows Loloi


If you're feeling a little bored with the style of a space then try a new look with an eclectic mix of pillows. Not everything has to match all the time. In a space with a lot of symmetry this is a great way to shake up your style. Pull from the colors in the space but find inspiration in new textures, colors and patterns.

neutral Kincaid pillows


Add interest to a room by styling it with pillows in blended neutrals. Color isn't always the answer. Layered neutral patterns can be just as exciting. Pair small prints with oversized patterns and use lots of contrast to make it pop.

matching pillows Kincaid


Create order in a space by using two or three pairs of matching pillows. In a room that's lacking direction or balance this adds a polished touch. If it feels too matchy-matchy you can always toss in a wild card pillow to add a more personal feel.

pattern pillows Kincaid


Bring small bursts of color into a space with by pairing solids and patterns in bold hues. Color can add amazing energy to a space and sometimes pillows serve the perfect dose. Pile them on or keep it to a minimum of four. How many pillows you use will depend on how much color you're craving.

Updating a room with new pillows may seem like a simple solution but it's often those small luxuries that make a big impact. Try a new way of styling pillows to update the spaces in your home that need a fresh look.

Monday, 10 October 2016 18:00

Kincaid Furniture Spotlight: Wildfire

If you ever wonder what it takes to make a piece of furniture exceptional then take a look at Kincaid. There is no detail forgotten and quality is never an afterthought. Constructed of solid wood and designed with style that will surpass any trend, the latest collection from Kincaid will be one your grandchildren will one day enjoy as it can be passed down through generations. Let's take a look at the Wildfire collection and what makes it so special.

spotlight kincaid

Modern convenience is just one detail that makes Kincaid furniture so special. For example, the bachelors' chest boasts a built-in nightlight along with electrical outlets. Gone are the days of stumbling through the dark in the middle of the night. The soft glow of the light will guide your way. Need to charge your cell phone or tablet? Charge it right from your nightstand!

spotlight kincaid 2

spotlight kincaid 3

This beautiful bureau was created to double as a media cabinet. With a hidden cord exit, media components can be placed inside the bureau but never seen. It also features a jewelry tray to store those special pieces that you wear often and like to keep close at hand but want stored safely away when not being worn.

spotlight kincaid 4

Finished in a rich Ember this collection was designed with a style that will stand the test of time. Seeded glass doors give these pieces character while soft-close drawers add an element of luxury.

spotlight kincaid 5

spotlight kincaid 6

With clean lines yet just enough curves to give these pieces a traditional look, this dining room is versatile enough to let you change your decor as your style changes over the years. Play up the classic element by replacing end chairs with wing chairs or give it a more rustic look with a painted distressed bench on one side of the table.

spotlight kincaid 7

spotlight kincaid 8

Even living room tables are coordinated to complement each other while each piece still has its own distinctive look, which is part of the charm of the Wildfire collection. The classic rectangular cocktail table is a living room go-to. The open end table is always a great option with a sofa while the round end table looks great between a pair of club chairs.

Add style and character to your home with the Wildfire collection from Kincaid Furniture. Visit our showroom to see this gorgeous collection and all it has to offer.

Published in New Classics
Tuesday, 04 October 2016 14:44

Keys to a Great Conversation Area

conversation area kincaid


A conversation area is a defined space in the home where two or three people can comfortably sit and talk. It’s typically more of an intimate space where furniture is arranged in such a way that it encourages conversation. Create a more interesting home and one that’s better suited for entertaining by creating clearly defined conversation areas. It isn’t difficult - you just need to know some of the keys to a great conversation area. 

conversation area flexsteel


Great conversation starts with being at ease. Even if the area is small, with room for only one grouping of furniture, you can still create a great conversation area. Just be sure to invest in high quality furniture that’s comfortable. A pair of club chairs is a smart alternative to a love seat. Place one chair at each end of the sofa so that they’re facing. This takes the focal point off of the television and places it on the people in the room. 

conversation area loloi


Create more than one conversation area by grouping furniture the right way. In a large or open floor plan you might create one area with a sofa and chair and another area with a grouping of chairs only. If you have a fireplace this is the perfect place to set up a conversation area for an extra cozy feeling. 

conversation area loloi 2


The worst thing you can do when creating a conversation area is push all the furniture up against the wall. You often gain more versatility by floating the sofa. This is a trick used in long narrow living rooms. It breaks up the space which allows you to create more than one conversation area.

conversation area best


A great conversation area requires more than just comfortable seating. Think about other things that make people comfortable such as lighting and a place to set down a drink. You might even want something to prop your feet on. One or two end tables, depending on the available space, will give you a spot for a lamp. Don’t forget a cocktail table, although you might consider an upholstered cocktail ottoman for a softer look.

While the living room is the most obvious place for a conversation area don’t forget about the other rooms in your home. A nook in a dining room or bedroom, a large hallway or even a landing at the top of a staircase is a great opportunity to create a cozy conversation area. This is often a perfect solution for those unused spaces in your home. Visit our showroom to have a conversation area custom designed for your home. 

Published in Room Design

A living room that wows is about more than buying the right furniture. A well designed space incorporates several elements. Choosing the right pieces is only the beginning. Knowing where to place them and how to finish the space is where the decorating magic happens. It’s easy to create a living room with a designer look. Just follow these guidelines for incorporating the top five elements of a well-designed space. 

living room design


A mixture of pattern and texture. Rooms that have character always have a mix of pieces upholstered in a variety of fabrics. Create a layered look by adding a chair in a bold pattern to a neutral sofa. Soften the look of leather with an upholstered cocktail ottoman.  


living room design


Furniture is arranged to encourage conversation. Sofas and chairs facing each other create a more intimate space. In a large living room you should have more than one conversation area. Create zones by grouping more chairs away from the main seating area. It creates a better flow and makes the space more functional. 


living room design


The television blends into the design. In a room where the television is the focal point it must be placed on a properly sized piece of furniture. Don’t ruin a great design by using a TV console that’s too small. The television shouldn’t hang over the edge of the console. Of course, you shlouldn’t forget to decorate around it.


living room design


Accessories vary in size, they aren’t overdone nor are they too minimal. The purpose of accessories is to infuse personality into the design. If there are too many than personality can become lost and if there are too few then the space is just left feeling uninspired. Start with large scale pieces then scatter in some smaller ones. 


living room design


Great lighting. Lighting is so important because it always sets the tone. You wouldn’t want the same lighting for entertaining as you would for curling up to watch a movie. Put overhead lights on a dimmer and place lamps throughout the room to give yourself plenty of lighting options. Add style with a statement making chandelier.

How many of these elements are present in your living room and how many are missing? We can help you complete the look. Call us for in an in-home appointment. Because everyone deserves a beautifully designed home. 

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Monday, 20 June 2016 17:47

Solving Your Design Dilemmas

Welcome to our new design series! We want to help you solve your decorating problems and design dilemmas. All you have to do is send us a few photos of the room in question and tell us about the problems you’re having with the space. Then we’ll guide you on how to make the most of the room and offer our best design advice.

Our first design dilemma comes from a reader that is having trouble with furniture arrangement. This is an issue that many people struggle with. In this case, it’s a living room so we know this is a space where people are gathering and watching television. Which of course, means there should be comfortable seating and plenty of it.

When arranging furniture doors, windows and walkways typically dictate the layout. However you should also consider how the space will function and of course the size of the room. 

living room makeover
living room makeover
living room makeover

First of all, we have to say job well done on a pretty and classic space. It has a great mix of texture and architectural elements. However, there are a couple of issues that instantly stand out.

  1. The scale of the pieces. The arrangement works but too many small chairs are throwing the room off balance.
  2. Lack of color. Artwork and a couple of large scale accessories will make the room feel more finished.

We can see two great options for this space. Both would provide plenty of seating and balance the space while keeping walkways and entry points clear.

Option One

Remove the two small chairs on the right side of the room. Replace the rocking chair that’s next to the sofa with a club chair that’s more proportionate to the sofa. Place a more substantial accent chair to the left of the console and move the rocking chair to the right of the console. We know there is a bedroom door to the right of the stairs. The rocking chair should be small enough to allow the door to open yet big enough to work with the scale of the other pieces. 

living room accent pieces

Option Two

If our reader wanted to make an even bigger change she could start by moving the television. Hanging it over the fireplace would eliminate the need for the console which would be removed, along with all three chairs. The sofa could then be replaced with a small sectional and some plush pillows. An accent chair could be placed on the right side of the room, angled just in front of the built-in bookcase. 

living room design

Finally, we would also exchange the cocktail ottoman for something a little bigger. A round table would create a nice flow, especially with a sectional, and add softness to a room with a lot of angles. The iron candleholder would look great on the cocktail table by adding a rustic element. Then we would hang a large clock over the sofa and a pair of paintings on the opposite wall. These will add both color and interest.

If the television stays where it is then it could be flanked by the abstract paintings. If the television is moved to hang over the fireplace the prints could be hung together but staggered.

We hope this helps our reader get the most of her space and inspires her to make the changes that will solve her design dilemma. We want to help you too! Just submit your design challenges here and your home could be featured on our blog. Don’t forget, our design staff will also meet with you in your home to ensure you get personalized advice that caters to your style and your family’s needs. Just call or visit our showroom to make an appointment today.