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Monday, 13 November 2017 16:51

Five Ways to Work a Sectional

What is it about a sectional that's so appealing? For one, there are so many options. Many sectionals are available with custom options to suit your needs. Second, it's a cozy and comfortable option for a family room. Third, it's an easy way to furnish a space. But there's more than one way to work a sectional. So we've put together a list of what we believe are the top five ways to use a sectional.

sectional use Flexsteel 1


The most common way to use a sectional is the basic “L” shape. This typically consists of one corner with two seats on either side. This layout tends to fit most living areas and often leaves enough space for an accent chair, depending on the size of the room. Pair it with a pretty swivel chair to make the space even more functional.

sectional use Kincaid 2


A small sectional, such as a sofa with a chaise, is often a popular choice for smaller spaces such as an apartment. If you have a small living room but have always dreamed of having a sectional this is a smart solution. Opt for pieces with clean lines to keep from overwhelming the space.

sectional use Flexsteel 3


A large piece, such as a conversation style sectional, is one way to ground a large living room. Its curvy style creates a pretty and unique look while maximizing seating in the space. These sectionals often work well in large rectangular spaces or homes with an open floor plan.

sectional use Flexsteel 4


Go for all-out comfort with a reclining sectional. Power reclining footrests, power adjustable headrests and built-in USB ports make this option perfect for a man-cave or a family TV room. When every seat is a recliner everyone gets the best seat in the house.

sectional use Kincaid 5


Shake up your dining space with sectional style seating. Fabric in a dining space always softens the overall look and banquette style seating creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

With so many custom options there is always a way to make a sectional work. If you need help choosing the right style, remember, you don't have to go it alone. Just visit our design center to get started.   

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 12:31

The Beauty of Simplicity

Great design isn’t always elaborate. Sometimes the most beautiful spaces are simple and uncomplicated. Often referred to minimalism, spaces that are uncomplicated are good for the mind and soul. Since clutter can create chaos a simplistic approach to decorating can turn your home into a serene retreat. If your home, or your life, is feeling busy, cluttered or chaotic then it might be time to pare down and enjoy the beauty of simplicity. 

simple design


White walls create a blank canvas for a unique piece of artwork. Let your senses rest in a space that limits color and pattern. This dining space is proof that a room can showcase style and personality with minimal pieces. 

simple home design


Simple doesn’t have to be boring. Create a dramatic space with white tufted chairs against a dark wall and finish it with a graphic punch of pattern. This space combines all the elements of a glam and bold design. 

simple home designs


You can remove visual noise from a room simply limiting the color palette and turning around the books on shelves. This is a much more natural look and all those bare pages create another texture in the space. 

simple dining room design


Let the architecture in the room be the focal point. Draw the eye up to exposed beams by hanging a cool light fixture. Keep artwork to a minimum by using just one or two large pieces.

simple bedroom design


A neutral palette in the bedroom could be one of the best things you do for yourself during times of chaos. Beige walls create a quite landscape. Use neutral bedding to create a calm sleeping space and limited toss pillows for easy bed making in the morning.

A simplistic approach to decor can be just as beautiful as bold colorful spaces. What’s important is that the design reflects your personality and your home is filled with pieces you love and make you happy. 

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A well designed space is more than a collection of beautiful things. A space that makes you want to stay awhile is one that has great energy. You’ll know when you enter a room with great energy because you instantly feel invigorated and inspired. Create amazing energy in your own home with five key elements.

room design energy



1. Color. Different colors can create different vibes. Instantly recharge a space by infusing it with shades of pink. Corals create a great sense of energy. It’s that balance of bright and cheerful without being too overbearing. 


bedroom energy


2. Bold artwork. Think big when it comes to artwork. An oversized abstract or black and white photograph creates impact. Create a large gallery wall of your favorite prints or use one large piece. The key is that it inspires because when you’re inspired you’re energized. 


living room energy


3. Pattern. Believe it or not, pattern can add energy to space in different ways. Even subtle patterns, when mixed properly, can infuse a space with personality.  Pattern can be introduced into a room in many ways. Pillows, window panels and even accessories are an easy way to layer pattern into a space.


energy in living room

4. Contrast. A space without contrast can leave you feeling flat. Even a neutral space can have contrast. It’s all about creating highs and lows. In this space a neutral sofa is contrasted with navy and bright whites. 


energy accessories


5. Something personal. A black and white photograph, a treasured antique or a few of your favorite books can be displayed to say something about you. These are all things that can be incorporated into your decor and nothing gives a room better energy than infusing it with the personality of those that live there. 

Do you want to change the energy in your home? Start here! We can help with changes big or small. Call to schedule an appointment today. 


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Monday, 03 August 2015 14:39

Five Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

Blank walls can be intimidating. They can also leave a space feeling uninspired and unfinished if left empty. Do your home and yourself a favor and fill in those blank spaces. There are endless ways to add style to a home by filling in those empty walls. Be inspired by some of our favorite ways to give your space some personality.




One large statement piece is sometimes all you need. If your preferred look is clean and uncluttered, then hang a large decorative mirror. Mirrors work anywhere. Not only do statement mirrors add a polished look to a space but they also bounce light around the room.




Hang several small prints in a grid for high impact. You can fill an entire wall or just the space over a piece of furniture.  Get a little more personal by filling a grid of frames with a collection of black and white family photos or with travel photography from past vacations.




oil painting / girl / clock / flowers / star / map / abstract / basket / mirror / giclee

A gallery wall is always a great way to work some style and personality into your home. This is similar to a grid but is typically less structured. A gallery wall should showcase favorite artwork, treasured photographs, and even quirky objects.   



sconces / painting

Create a focal point that has symmetry by hanging a decorative mirror or a favorite piece of artwork then flanking it with a pair of sconces. These pieces are unified by the aged silver finish of the frames. Replace the candleholders with sconce lamps in a space the needs more lighting.




Artwork doesn’t always mean a painting or a photograph. Consider a large wood or metal piece that will bring some texture to the room. Pieces like these antique tiles that look like they were salvaged from an old building add a sense of history.

Let us help you create one of these looks in your home. We’ll help you choose pieces that are all about your personal style. Let’s turn your house into your dream home. Visit our design center to get started today. 

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