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Monday, 18 December 2017 20:37

The Dos and Don'ts of Accessorizing

Decorating your home is about more than choosing the right furniture. It's when you style it with accessories that the magic really happens. Artwork, lighting and decorative items can make or break a space. But there are a few guidelines you should follow to get the look right. So we've put together a list of accessorizing dos and don'ts to help you style your way to a beautiful home.

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Don't create clutter. One of the most common mistakes people make is over-accessorizing and that just leads to clutter. Clutter never looks good and certainly doesn't make you feel good. Your home should be a place that brings calm to the chaos of the world.

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Do consider scale. When accessories are too small they just look out of place. Using larger pieces looks more modern and chic. Be sure to vary texture and shape to create an interesting mix.

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Do use interesting pieces. Look for items that reflect your interests or artwork that you connect with in some way. Pieces that are unusual will make for great conversation starters. Uncommon pieces will also set your style apart and create a look that is truly unique to you.

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Don't forget that lighting is an accessory too! A pretty lamp will fit right in with your curated pieces while adding a soft glow to the space. Tuck a small lamp into a bookshelf or light up a dark hallway with a unique light that will serve as a fun accessory.

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Do incorporate organic elements. Something as simple as a sprig of branches can be popped into an existing vase or jar. This brings a fresh feel to the space while layering in another texture. Fresh flowers are another easy way to add color and an organic touch.

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Don't cover every inch of wall space with artwork. The eyes need a place to rest. If artwork is hanging everywhere it can overwhelm the senses. A go-to designer look is to hang one oversized piece which creates a focal point while adding dramatic impact.

Hopefully this will help you style your accessories in a way that elevates your interiors to the look you have always wanted. If you need more help, visit our showroom to find stylish and unique accessories for your home along with expert advice on how to use them.

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Monday, 03 August 2015 14:39

Five Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

Blank walls can be intimidating. They can also leave a space feeling uninspired and unfinished if left empty. Do your home and yourself a favor and fill in those blank spaces. There are endless ways to add style to a home by filling in those empty walls. Be inspired by some of our favorite ways to give your space some personality.




One large statement piece is sometimes all you need. If your preferred look is clean and uncluttered, then hang a large decorative mirror. Mirrors work anywhere. Not only do statement mirrors add a polished look to a space but they also bounce light around the room.




Hang several small prints in a grid for high impact. You can fill an entire wall or just the space over a piece of furniture.  Get a little more personal by filling a grid of frames with a collection of black and white family photos or with travel photography from past vacations.




oil painting / girl / clock / flowers / star / map / abstract / basket / mirror / giclee

A gallery wall is always a great way to work some style and personality into your home. This is similar to a grid but is typically less structured. A gallery wall should showcase favorite artwork, treasured photographs, and even quirky objects.   



sconces / painting

Create a focal point that has symmetry by hanging a decorative mirror or a favorite piece of artwork then flanking it with a pair of sconces. These pieces are unified by the aged silver finish of the frames. Replace the candleholders with sconce lamps in a space the needs more lighting.




Artwork doesn’t always mean a painting or a photograph. Consider a large wood or metal piece that will bring some texture to the room. Pieces like these antique tiles that look like they were salvaged from an old building add a sense of history.

Let us help you create one of these looks in your home. We’ll help you choose pieces that are all about your personal style. Let’s turn your house into your dream home. Visit our design center to get started today. 

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