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Tuesday, 25 April 2017 13:00

Decorating with Accent Pieces

Accent pieces are like eye candy for the home. There is so much style packed into one package. Choosing an accent piece can be one of the most exciting parts of the decorating process. You can be adventurous with an accent piece since it's only one piece of furniture. It won't dominate the space but it will make a statement.

accent furniture Uttermost


Make your foyer worthy of a grand entrance with this modern piece. This edgy look speaks for itself and needs little more than a pretty mirror and chic lighting. Add this to a hallway, dining room or any space that needs a fresh look.

accent furniture Riverside


Pattern can be incorporated with more than just fabrics. Intricate patterns and designs are often what make an accent piece so special. This piece features a traditional take on a contemporary design. While this piece makes a great china cabinet it would also serve as pretty storage in a bathroom.

accent furniture Chattanooga


A combination of texture and pattern make this piece a showstopper. Linen, distressed wood, and an eye-catching design make this a piece that creates an instant focal point. Forget the standard TV console! This is what your living room wants.

accent furniture Uttermost Chattanooga


Chevron gets sophisticated with dark walnut and clean lines. This will warm up a contemporary design without taking away from the aesthetic. Big enough to serve as a fun alternative to a dresser, it's a quirky and unexpected look for a bedroom.

accent furniture Riverside


Polished mirrored doors are a glam backdrop for the bold pattern featured on this console. Use this in a bedroom or living room to display your television. Perfect for small spaces, this piece packs a major punch of style.

Don't shy away from unique styles when shopping for accent pieces. These are the pieces that can elevate a space to a designer look and create a custom feel in your home. Shop these looks in our showroom where custom designed looks are what we do.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016 13:29

One-Day Interior Design Updates

Home makeovers come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, it’s the most fun when you can make over an entire room. But if there’s something holding you back from that next big project then start small. There are some easy updates that can be done in one day that will create the change you want to see in your home. Start with one or two of these one-day updates and you’ll soon find the inspiration to start on that whole room, or whole home, makeover. 

accent design ideas


Change out a few of those tired accessories. Accents like wall art and lamps say a lot about the last time you updated a space. Hang one large piece of wall art for impact then layer in a few smaller pieces with varied textures. 

living room design


If you have a space that just doesn’t get enough natural light, paint it white! This will brighten up the space and give it a fresh new look. A fresh coat of white paint will invigorate a space and create a new canvas. It just might inspire you to go ahead and make some other updates in the rest of your home.  

living room design ideas


Clear out the clutter. Every home has certain spots that just collect “stuff”. If there are surfaces in your home that could use a little organization then dedicate just one day to clear them off and get those things organized. Your home will immediately have a renewed sense of calm and as a result become more inviting. 

dining room design


Add instant color with fresh flowers. It’s such an easy way to make a room come alive. But don’t stop with just one room! Place them throughout the house in spaces that are lacking color. Choose different blooms in one hue for a monochromatic punch of color.

Find inspiration for that makeover with one or two of these easy interior design updates. For more ideas visit our design center and we can help you update your home to create a space you love. 

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Monday, 14 March 2016 13:10

The Accent Piece

The accent piece is often underrated. Typically a piece that is different from everything else in the space it sometimes becomes an afterthought. But an accent piece is so much more than an accent. This type of furniture just doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Accent pieces serve so many purposes. They complete a space, they typically introduce a new design element to a room, and they’re often a source of extra storage. If you have a room in your home that’s missing something maybe all you need is the right accent piece. 

accent piece, furniture, chattanooga, interior design


It doesn’t have to be large. Small pieces can make just as big of a statement and can pack just as much design punch. This one is perfect for a small foyer or hallway. Raw, distressed wood adds a rustic element and it’s a great spot to drop keys and mail as you walk through the door. 

accent piece, furniture, chattanooga, interior design


In a space that needs a touch of glam, this piece is the perfect solution. Sophisticated in style it combines textures tastefully. Gold leafing and mirrored doors add style and reflect light. This would be a perfect accent to a bedroom that’s small or doesn’t get a lot of natural light. 

accent piece, chattanooga, interior design, furniture


A new take on a distressed look, this accent piece with linen covered doors has a fun boho vibe. Painted in a soft grey-blue this piece would work well in homes with a modern design. This piece is a fun alternative to the standard TV console. It would also look great as a sideboard in a dining space. 

accent piece, chattanooga, furniture, interior design


 A great piece of furniture always combines form and function. What a great way to accent your space and store your books. This unique bookcase adds plenty of style on its own but could be used in a pair for a large room with an empty wall. Let your accent piece become the focal point of the space! 

accent piece, chattanooga, interior design, furniture


A refined take on an industrial style is so on trend. If you need to update the look of your home, this is a great option. Baluster style legs topped with metal makes a huge statement, which is what makes this the perfect accent piece. Its shape makes it a great piece to use in a long hallway or as a console table behind a sofa.

Take a look around your home. Is there a space that needs an accent piece? Visit our showroom where you can find all of these pieces and more to create the perfect finishing touch. 

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