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Wednesday, 01 July 2015 00:47

One Chest Styled Three Ways

One Chest Styled Three Ways


furniture stores in Chattanooga

Grey Raffia Chest by HGTV Home Furniture

The grey raffia chest by HGTV Home Furniture is one of those pieces that not only makes a statement but also works with just about any style. You can make it the star of the room or you can blend it in with existing pieces. It’s big on texture and detail which is what makes it so versatile. Wrapped in stylish grey raffia and accented with a fun geometric pattern in a nailhead trim this is the kind of piece that you will love for years to come. These are three of our favorite ways to use the HGTV Home grey raffia chest.

Casual Glam


furniture stores in Chattanooga


Create a glamorous space with a casual vibe by pairing the raffia chest with shiny metallic accessories and comfy furniture. Crystals, aged mirrors and shiny accent tables used with furniture in soft, creamy linens create a space that you will never want to leave. Not only does the raffia chest add style but it also provides extra storage.

Rustic Chic


furniture stores in Chattanooga


The clean lines of the raffia chest make it right at home in an urban loft or a rustic lake house. It pairs perfectly with black leather and distressed woods. Fun accessories, chic pillows and a calming blue wall color keep the room from feeling too serious.

Modern Elegance


furniture stores in Chattanooga

Pops of color and sophisticated gold textures paired with the grey raffia chest create an elegant living space. The soft grey geometric pattern on the window panels echoes the modern nailhead pattern on the chest. This space speaks to tradition while keeping things fresh and modern, thanks to the stylish versatility of the raffia chest.

What’s your favorite look? How would you style the HGTV Home grey raffia chest? If you need some help just visit our showroom to see one of our designers. We’ll show you how easy it is to mix this piece into your home and how HGTV Home makes it so easy for you to showcase your own personality.



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The HGTV Home Caravan Curio:

Styled Three Ways


HGTV furniture Chattanooga


HGTV Home Caravan Bunching Curio

When choosing new furniture for your home style is definitely important but there is more to consider. Think about how a piece will function. If it can be used in more than one place then it has more value. Take for example the Caravan Bunching Curio from HGTV Home in Midnight. This is the type of piece that’s not only stylish but super functional. Plus, every room can use a touch of black. We’ve styled this piece three ways to show you just how versatile it can be.


HGTV furniture Chattanooga



Use this piece in a living room to showcase and store your favorite books but mix them with some fun objects to add a little style. Gold urchins add a playful touch while pretty jars add a pop of color. Flank the cabinet with some decorative mirrors for a chic touch. Use the drawers to store magazines, mail or anything you want to keep out of sight.


HGTV furniture Chattanooga



Your home office doesn’t have to be all business when you incorporate such a stylish piece. It’s perfect for keeping important files and papers organized and within reach. Pretty cups and glasses can hold pens and pencils while decorative boxes hide office supplies such as staples and scissors. A leather magazine tote and cowhide rug layer in texture.  


HGTV furniture Chattanooga


curio/art/rug/glasses/ice bucket/tray/sculpture

Finally, this curio has plenty of space to store your china and barware. Use the included silverware tray for your flatware then showcase your prettiest drinking glasses and decanters on the shelves. Use a stylish tray to group items inside and to make serving guests a snap.  

So the next time you’re shopping for a new piece of furniture consider how it will function in your home, the spaces it will work in and all the styling possibilities. This will help you choose a piece you’ll be able to enjoy for years.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 08:31

Five Ways to Organize with Style

Five Ways to Organize with Style


interior decorating Chattanooga


storage bed / box / file cabinet / ottoman / chest

Getting organized at home is a popular new year’s resolution. When your home is organized and things are easy to find, it just makes life a little better. We believe getting organized is just as much fun as decorating when you use the right pieces. These are five of our favorite ways to organize with style.

  1. A bed with built in storage is a lifesaver is a small bedroom. It makes great use of the space underneath and is the perfect place to store extra bedding or clothes. Many beds even offer built in drawers on the sides, allowing for more storage.
  2. Pretty boxes and containers are always stylish and smart. Not only do they store small items that can make a space look cluttered but they are perfect for styling with other pieces. Mix them into a bookshelf with books and other decorative items or simply place them on top of a dresser or coffee table. They’re also a great solution for storing photographs if you don’t have a place to keep albums.
  3. Wood file cabinets blend right in with other pieces of furniture. Many lateral file cabinets can double as a nightstand. This is a stylish way to keep your important documents within reach if you don’t have the space for a home office.
  4. Storage ottomans are always a go-to when you need stylish storage because they’re available in endless fabrics and styles and they’re also super functional. Not only can items such as books, magazines, and toys be stored away and out of sight but they also serve as footrests and extra seating and are easily moved around as needed.
  5. If you’re trying to save space while getting organized then consider a piece like this door chest. Taller than a dresser, but not as wide, it makes use of vertical wall space saving room for other pieces. It also features trays behind doors, small cubbies and a drop-front drawer that allows you to use electronic components.

Make this the year you finally get organized! We have so many more options for stylish and functional pieces that will get your home in order in no time. Come by our showroom to find what works for you.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 08:23

Five Versatile Pieces for Your Home

Five Versatile Pieces for Your Home

Every home is different. You couldn’t create a design for one home and expect it to work in the one next door. But you could take some key pieces and make them work just about anywhere. That’s because design is often about the details. Investing in some key pieces that are classic and functional is always a smart move. Multi-purpose pieces with a timeless look can be a part of your home and family for years. These are some of our favorite versatile pieces and this is why they work.


Chattanooga furniture store


sofa/ chair/ bed/ chest/ console

1. The Luxury sofa by Flexsteel is so versatile because it’s a plush sofa with a very tailored look. This style could be used with antiques, in a beach house, or even a contemporary home. It has a look that lends itself to almost any style. It’s just a matter of choosing the right fabrics. If you’re the type that likes to change up your look often then this is the sofa for you.

2. This leather chair from Flexsteel is something you could use for years. A leather club chair goes with anything. Especially one with these classic details such as tufting and nailhead trim. It’s a perfect balance to a fabric sofa because it combines textures. Plus, you could move it from room to room without worrying about matching fabrics. Leather goes with everything and it gets better with time.

3. A sleigh bed will never look dated, especially when it has a modern edge. A platform footboard and sleek design give it a more current look. This style by Vaughan-Bassett is just one of many that are available from this company. This bed can be paired with antiques or more modern pieces. With this bed you could easily add and change pieces in your bedroom and it will almost always work.

4. Accent pieces, like this one from HGTV Home, can be used in literally any room. They also provide extra storage and a platform for artwork. This one in particular uses mixed materials so it can work with a variety of designs which is another reason it would be a great asset to your home.

5. This console table from Flexsteel is a hard-working and multi-purpose piece. It’s made of solid wood which makes it a great investment. It could function as a writing desk, a sofa table a foyer piece or even an island in a long narrow kitchen. It scores extra points thanks to the pair of ottomans that can serve as extra seating or footstools.

So the next time you’re shopping for furniture think about how it will function in your home and how many purposes it could serve. That accent piece or chair you’ve had your eye on may be more valuable than you think!



Tuesday, 30 June 2015 08:14

Five Furniture Trends to Try in 2015

Five Furniture Trends to Try in 2015


furniture stores Chattanooga

bar cart / bench / side table / chest / cocktail table

A New Year means trying new things and your home is the perfect place to start. There are so many new and innovative furniture styles available and these pieces will instantly update your home. So when you make your New Year’s resolutions add one of these pieces to the list to freshen up your home with one of the biggest furniture trends for 2015.   

  1. Always fun and functional the bar cart is the perfect piece to add to your home if you love to entertain. Especially when it’s mobile, like this one from HGTV Home.
  2. Rustic takes on a new meaning with “live edge” style furniture. This furniture design is created by incorporating the natural edge of the wood into the piece. This ensures that each piece has a unique look.
  3. Pieces that use mixed materials such as metal and wood, like this side table, add interest and texture to a space. This is a modern look with a classic feel.
  4. Grey furniture is one of the biggest trends going right now, and for good reason. It’s light, fresh and easily mixed with other wood finishes. Even better, grey furniture is now available in a wide variety of stained and painted finishes.
  5. Lucite or acrylic furniture, once a rare find, is now more readily available than ever. Clear furniture is not only chic but is perfect for small spaces since it takes up very little visual space.

Start the New Year off right by making your home the place you want it to be. Now is the perfect time to make all those changes you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t forget, we’re always here to help. Shop our showroom or make an appointment with one of our designers today.


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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 07:56

Decorating With Leather

Decorating With Leather


living room furniture Chattanooga


Belvedere Sofa by Flexsteel

Leather is great for so many reasons. For one thing, it’s durable.  With the right care a leather sofa will last for years. Another great thing about leather is that it’s classic. Leather sofas will never go out of style. Finally, it’s versatile. You can use a leather sofa and achieve so many different looks. The Belvedere sofa from Flexsteel is the perfect example of a transitional sofa that you would be able to decorate around for years.  We styled this sofa two ways to prove that you can have totally different looks with the same sofa.  




mirror/accent table/throws/cocktail table/trays/chair/rug

A leather sofa is a great starting point for a beautiful neutral space that’s layered with texture. Neutrals can be just as exciting as bold colors when you use the right pieces. A linen chair adds softness to the room. Metals, natural woods, and plush throws and pillows turn a living room with a leather sofa into a cozy retreat. This is an elegant space yet it’s still very inviting.




pillow/artwork/accent table/cocktail table/chair/vase/rug

The same leather sofa can exist in a colorful and modern space. A bright green chair adds a punch while edgy pillows, tables and artwork add a more contemporary feel. The vintage and faded look of the rug brings it all together. This space is sophisticated and chic.

To get the most out of your leather sofa just remember a couple of things. Be sure to buy genuine leather rather than synthetic. Genuine leather wears so much longer and only looks better with age. Also, be sure it’s a transitional style, which means it combines classic and modern details that will make it a versatile piece. When in doubt, visit our design center where we can help you choose the perfect leather sofa.



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