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Here we are in the final days of the year. One thing that's on everyone's mind is how we can go into the New Year and make it better than the last. We're setting goals and making resolutions to better ourselves and our lives. Don't forget to include your home when planning personal goals. Since we're affected and inspired by our surroundings it is so important that we get our homes in order to start the New Year right. Here are six ways to get started.

kincaid storage bed


Get rid of the clutter! Make this easy on yourself by choosing furniture with built-in storage. Cocktail ottomans with lift-tops and beds with built-in storage are always smart choices. When your furniture is this functional it becomes so much easier to get control of the chaos. These types of pieces are especially useful in smaller homes where closet space is limited.

kincaid color couch


Don't shy away from color. Bold colors can energize a room and act as a mood booster. So if your goals for the New Year include being more productive then start with filling your home with colors that will wake the senses and boost your motivation.

uttermost artwork


Update tired artwork. If your artwork isn't something that makes you positively happy to look at then it shouldn't have a place in your home. Take it down and replace it with something you love. Don't stress about finding the right pieces. If your problem is simply that you can't find what you love then hire someone to help you. A professional will ensure that artwork is meaningful to you, not just pretty to look at.

eastern accents bedroom

Eastern Accents 

Update your bedroom. If you want to accomplish more this year then make sure you are sleeping well at night. This means you need a high quality mattress such as a Jamison so you'll be well-rested and ready to take on the world. But don't stop there. Dress your bed with beautiful bedding in designer fabrics to get that high-end hotel look.

kincaid living room


Rearrange your furniture. Nothing will derail your motivation quicker than a room that isn't properly laid out. You should be able to walk around the room comfortably without blocking entry points and walkways. This is another situation where it's a good idea to enlist the help of a designer or decorator. A fresh pair of eyes will usually have a fresh perspective.

uttermost chest


Finally, update your home's entry. When you walk into a beautiful space at the end of the day it just reminds you why your home is your sanctuary. Plus, an organized space will only help you stay on task for the New Year as you come and go. A pretty chest, a unique lamp or light fixture and great artwork are typically all you need to keep this area tidy and inspired.

Get on track this year by getting your home in order first. You'll be inspired and motivated from the moment you wake and you will be sure to reach all of your goals for the New Year. Don't forget, our designers are here to help you!



Tuesday, 22 November 2016 20:32

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Written by

home decor gift guide

bow pillow / faux fur pillows & throw / pentagon cubes / candle holders / boxes / hands / greyhounds

It's that time of year again and we couldn't be more excited. If there's one thing we love to do it's help people find pieces that make their home special. It's even more fun to help people choose those pieces for loved ones as gifts. So we put together a home decor gift guide to help you with your gift list. Put a smile on someone's face this holiday season with a carefully selected item that's just as special as the one you're buying it for.

  • You can't go wrong with a plush throw and pretty pillows. Give the gift of cozy and style with these faux-fur pillows and fuzzy throw in neutrals that will complement any home.
  • Every home could use a little glam and these pentagon cubes serve the perfect dose. For the lover of all things chic this is a gift that won't disappoint. They're perfect for styling into a bookcase, propping on a nightstand or an arrangement on a cocktail table.
  • Everyone loves candles! Just don't stop there. The decor lover in your life wants something pretty to put them in.
  • Stylish boxes are always a good idea. Give the give of organization with these boxes that are worthy of being on display and styled into shelving in any space.
  • Give the gift of artwork with a unique sculpture. Select something that reflects their interests, such as their affection for animals, or opt for something a little more artistic that will serve as a conversation piece.

Visit our showroom for unique gifts large and small. No matter who you're shopping for we can help you choose the perfect piece to make this the most memorable holiday yet.

Tuesday, 08 November 2016 18:05

Four Ways to Add Luxury to a Bathroom

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A little luxury goes a long way. Since it's often the small details that make a room more luxurious it's easy to incorporate these things into a bathroom. After all, there are certain things that every bathroom needs so why not make them as beautiful and stylish as possible? Forgo the utilitarian and embrace the extravagant when choosing pieces to decorate your bathroom. These are some of our favorite pieces to add a little luxury to this often overlooked space.

balkangenji / agata

A mirror is obviously a bathroom must-have. Create a focal point over the sink with a stylish mirror that has some decorative charm. A mirror framed in polished metal or an intricate design is the easiest way to add a posh feel.


bathroom luxury 4

amira / marinot / tuxedo / vairano 

Never underestimate the power of great lighting. Overhead lighting is necessary but sconce lighting adds softness and a little bit of drama. Add a luxurious touch to the bathroom by flanking the mirror with some stylish sconces in polished silver or gold.


bathroom luxury 5

astairess / zeal / karline

Try something unique at your makeup vanity. Add a stool or bench that makes getting ready in the morning a lot more fun. Think faux fur, polished metals and nailhead trim. A luxurious touch is always exciting, even when served in small doses.


bathroom luxury 6

fabiana / nunzio / balkan

Finally, stay organized with pretty trays. Use a tray on the bathroom counter to store your prettiest perfume bottles and powder room essentials. Even the most mundane everyday items look more interesting when stored on a stylish tray. And of course, it never hurts to pop in some fresh flowers to add a little more luxury to your morning routine. 

All items shown are from Uttermost and are available here at EF Brannon. Whether you want to add a little luxury, or a lot, we can help you choose exactly what works for your home.

Monday, 19 September 2016 15:49

The Dos and Don’ts of Home Staging

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Selling a home comes with its own unique set of challenges. Take the pain out of selling your home by staging it to sell quickly. A home that’s properly staged will show better and sell faster. But don’t make the mistake of confusing staging with decorating. A staged home is one that showcases the best features of the home while allowing a potential buyer to walk in and instantly imagine living there. Before you sell your home check out these staging dos and don’ts that are used by the pros. 

home staging for selling

sofa / mirror / rug / pillow one / pillow two  / pillow three

If you're going to renovate do invest in the kitchen and bathrooms. This will increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Don’t get too trendy with tile or counters. Simple changes such as updating dark cabinets with white paint and adding subway tile go a long way in updating these spaces.

Update key pieces of furniture. Don’t replace everything but do replace outdated pieces with things that can be used in your next home. A leather sofa, for example, is a great investment. It will instantly update a living room and give an overall neutral look to the space. Replace old rugs or cover old floors with something neutral such as a jute rug.  

Go light and bright. Do paint over dark or bold walls with something light and neutral. Light beige or soft grey are move-in-ready colors. Don't get creative with faux finishes or wallpaper. Save all that inspiration for your new home.

Do decorate but don't go overboard. Keep it simple. Hang a pretty mirror over the sofa or one single piece of artwork over the bed. Just remove the collage of family photos and pare accessories down to a few simple pieces. Replace old pillows with new ones that have a crisp modern look. Fresh flowers are always a good idea too.  

Clean up the yard. Don’t remove everything from the front porch or back patio but do put away your gardening tools. Keep it tidy with a few pieces of outdoor furniture and some seasonal plants. Remember, this is the first chance you get to make a great impression.

Staging doesn't mean removing everything from the home. It means creating a space where someone can walk in and envision themselves living there. Think of it as neutralizing the look so that it appeals to a larger number of people. When in doubt, visit our showroom for some expert advice on staging your home so you can move on to decorating your new one. 

Monday, 08 February 2016 15:45

Make an Impact with Large Artwork

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Make an Impact with Large Artwork


Chattanooga interior design


Chattanooga interior design


magnifico / guardians / looking at you / spring has sprung / shoreline

Few things make the same impact as the right artwork. When choosing artwork you know it’s the right piece if it moves you in some way. But there’s more to consider than the subject matter. Scale and placement are just as important and can make all the difference in being the perfect finishing touch or throwing a design out of balance. Artwork that’s too small, or a grouping of too many small pieces, can look lost on a large wall. When in doubt go with one single piece of large artwork to make an impact in your space.

  • Horse prints are on trend. You don’t have to live on a farm to appreciate the beauty of a horse. A large print of any animal is chic and dramatic.
  • This canvas of trees evokes a sense of mystery. Add this moody print in pastels to a space with dark walls and you’ve got high contrast and instant style.
  • Portraits are often used in eclectic or modern homes and often as an element of a gallery wall. This one is striking, and at almost four feet square, large enough to be used on its own.
  • If your home is lacking color then consider this giant canvas of cheerful flowers. These bright hues pack a punch and will bring a space to life. Hang it in a foyer or living room for a happy vibe.
  • This ocean inspired painting has an abstract quality that makes it a great piece for a calm space. It’s perfectly sized to hang over a bed. Use this in a “spa” style bedroom by pairing it with a bed upholstered in linen and walls painted in a sea blue.

When purchasing your next piece of artwork consider size, not just subject matter. You may even choose something a little bigger than you think you need. Don’t ruin a beautifully designed space by choosing the wrong artwork. Shop our showroom for these pieces and let our designers help you choose the perfect artwork and accessories for every room in your home. 

Monday, 04 January 2016 14:38

Five Favorite Go-To Sofas

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Five Favorite Go-To Sofas

When redesigning a space you have to have a piece to start with. For a living room that piece is often the sofa. There are countless options when choosing a new sofa but that can make the decision a little overwhelming. We want to help make the process an easy one so we’ve put together a list of our top five favorite go-to sofas. These are sofas that offer style and versatility that work in many different spaces time and time again.



The always popular Dorea sofa is classic style at its best. This style resonates with so many people because it has a look that will stand the test of time. Tufting and nailheads never go out of style. With a little curviness this sofa works well draped in linen in formal spaces but it looks just as stylish in more casual colorful rooms.




A leather sofa is one you’ll be able to decorate around for years. Rich brown leather works with almost any wall color. The Dylan collection has many options and this one is ideal for your family room. This large sofa with plush seating is perfect for family movie night and Sunday afternoon naps.



The Digby sofa is one that features clean lines and a tailored look. With a tight back and a track arm this sofa is sleek and stylish. It looks great in leather too. This sofa is the perfect choice for the lover of mid-century modern design or for someone that simply wants a contemporary look.




Always a top pick for transitional spaces the Luxury sofa lives up to its name. It has style for days and is a dream to sit on which explains why it is so popular. This sofa features a plush feel with a tailored look and small subtle tacks on the arms and base, which gives it that little extra detail that makes it special.




This is another popular leather sofa thanks to its comfort and style. The South Street is one that works with traditional pieces just as well as more modern ones. You just can’t go wrong with plush seating and classic leather.

If you’re shopping for a new sofa then choose one that will not only last but will work with trends as they come and go. Visit our design center to shop these collections, all available here at EF Brannon Furniture and manufactured by Flexsteel. With these go-to sofas, and our staff of designers to help you, choosing the perfect sofa for your home is a fun and easy process.


Monday, 30 November 2015 14:14

Choosing Furniture for Small Spaces

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Choosing Furniture for Small Spaces

Furnishing a small space can be challenging. There are some key factors to consider in order to avoid making mistakes. One mistakes that’s often made is filling the room with too many pieces or with items that just aren’t the right fit. A small space doesn’t necessarily require small pieces it’s just a matter of using the right ones. You can make the most of your small spaces when you choose the right furniture. Just follow these tips!


living room funiture Chattanooga


A sofa with a narrow arm has a clean look and saves space for end tables. Often referred to as a track arm this look also saves space visually. Anything that’s curved or rolled, like an oversized arm on a chair or sofa, will appear to take up more space in the room. Space is about more than just measurements, it’s also about appearance.

living room funiture Chattanooga


End tables are almost always a necessity. Every seat needs a surface nearby that allows you to set down a drink. And often times you need a spot for lamp. If you don’t have room for a typical end table then opt for a chairside chest. Easily found in many different styles, chairside chests are typically short on width but long on depth, making them perfectly sized for small spaces.

living room funiture Chattanooga


In small spaces it’s best to choose pieces that have more than one use. A writing desk functions well as a sofa table because it can be used for lamps to add lighting to the room and it also serves as office space when you need to do some work from home.

living room funiture Chattanooga


You don’t have to give up comfort in a small space. Many reclining sofas are wall savers, which means they will fully recline even when placed against a wall. This one is compact and also features a track arm which makes it an excellent choice for a small living room.

living room funiture Chattanooga


Use one large piece to anchor the room. When you use too many small pieces in a space it tends to look cluttered. Vary the scale by using one large piece and the room will feel more balanced. In a small bedroom an oversized bed with a tall headboard creates a focal point.

If you have a small space that you just can’t get right then it’s time to make some changes. Give your small space more room to breathe by incorporating some of these styles. Make your home work for you and your family and you’ll enjoy it so much more. Shop our showroom for more ways to beautifully furnish your small spaces.

Monday, 12 October 2015 14:00

Making Room for Guests

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Now that fall has arrived, the holiday season is just around the corner. That means gathering with family and friends in your home and hosting out-of-town guests. There are several ways to create a space that’s stylish, inviting, and comfortable so that your guests will feel right at home. Start now with one of these options so your home will be ready when guests arrive.



EF Brannon Furniture

If you don’t have an extra bedroom to dedicate to a guest room then you should have a sleeper sofa in the living room. Sleeper sofas, like this one from Bassett, now go beyond standard spring mattresses. Many are now available with memory foam or air which makes it just as cozy and comfortable as a plush bed.



Another great option for a home without an extra room for guests is the daybed. Daybeds take up little space so they can easily be tucked into an office or playroom. Daybeds are designed to accommodate a twin size mattress and most can be used with a trundle, which also accommodates a twin size mattress. This means two people can use it to sleep comfortably but the trundle can be tucked out of the way when not in use.  



Trundles also work underneath standard twin beds which makes this another great option for a small guest room. You could even turn your child’s room into a guest room when needed by adding the trundle. Many companies offer a trundle that coordinates with the style of the bed, like this one from Vaughan-Bassett.




If you have a guest room that just needs to be updated, try switching out the bed for one that’s upholstered. A tufted linen bed is classic and works with any type of furniture. It will instantly update the space and give the room a spa-like feel that’s sure to make your guests comfortable.

It’s easy to make space for guests with one of these options. Visit our design center for more help on creating a guest space that’s tailored to fit your home’s needs and personal style. Let’s get started today.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 08:47

Home Decor Gift Guide

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Home Decor Gift Guide


interior design Chattanooga


stocking / candleholders / boxes / hand trays / pillow / throw

Looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas shopping list? Give the gift of home decor this year. Items that are pretty and useful are always appreciated. There is no shortage of unique gifts here at EF Brannon and we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite things.

  1. A monogrammed stocking filled with small gifts is personal and festive. This is sure to become a keepsake.
  2. Candleholders are always a good idea. Inspired by tree branches, these are unique and sure to be a hit. Who doesn’t love to eat by candle light once in a while?  
  3. Decorative boxes are great for dressers, desks, and even bathrooms to keep small items organized and out of sight. Perfect for the organized-obsessed!
  4. Small trays are pretty when placed on a stack of books, mixed into bookshelves and placed on a nightstand. Plus, when they’re this quirky they double as conversation pieces.
  5. A lux little pillow like this one adds a glam touch to any space and has a major holiday vibe.  
  6. Who doesn’t love a cozy throw in the winter? Oversized plaid in black and white goes with almost anything. Pair it with the gold pillow for a fun gift combo.

These are just a few of the unique items you’ll find here at EF Brannon. We have pieces for every room and every style.  Shop our showroom for gifts big and small to find something for everyone on your list.