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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 12:52

Tips for Decorating Large Spaces

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There's a lot of advice out there about decorating small spaces. Understandably so, since small spaces can be tricky and you want to be sure you're choosing pieces that are multi-functional and won't overcrowd your home. However, it can be just as challenging to decorate a large home and often requires a different approach. So if you're planning on moving to a bigger space, or struggling with the one you have, then keep reading. These are some of our best tips for decorating large spaces.

Kincaid bedroom set


Use furniture with height to anchor the space. A poster bed or canopy bed will create a beautiful focal point in a space with a high ceiling. If you prefer a bed that's a little less grand then anchor the room with a large cabinet or armoire.

Kincaid lighting


Use dramatic lighting. Highlight the special architectural features of your home by incorporating interesting lighting that will draw the eye up and around the space. Use this as an opportunity to bring new elements into the space. For example, this orb light contrasts well with the exposed wood beams.

Uttermost large spaces


In a space with vaulted ceilings use upholstery with high backs. Low backed chairs and sofas can be dwarfed by tall ceilings. Group chairs and sofas into conversation areas then layer in rugs to pull it all together.

Kincaid wall art


Take advantage of extra wall space and create an eclectic gallery wall. But don't stop with just a few pieces. Go big and don't be afraid to mix paintings with pretty mirrors or other interesting pieces. Anchor the space between windows with pairs of prints.  

Kincaid curtains


Add a dramatic effect with curtains. Highlight large windows by taking curtains all the way to the ceiling. The softness will make the space more inviting and help absorb sound. Simple curtain rods with linen panels is a timeless look for any space.

Visit our showroom for more guidance on decorating your home. No matter the size we have plenty of tips and tricks that will help you pull it all together.


How often do you flip through the pages of a decorating magazine and see a living room with a matching set of tables? Hardy ever, is probably what you're thinking. That's because interior design isn't about “matching” sets. It's about creating a look that's unique, distinctive and thoughtfully put together. Follow these tips to learn how to mix tables in your home like a pro.

Uttermost Kincaid cocktail tables

Uttermost / Kincaid

Mimic shapes but don't repeat them. A curvy drum table is a perfect complement to a sleek round cocktail table and it's a chic alternative to the expected end table. The warm patina of this table blends well with finishes such as cherry and pecan making it a fun piece to pair with antiques.

Uttermost Kincaid cocktail ottoman

Kincaid / Uttermost

Use contrasting textures. It's easy to introduce new elements to a living room with an upholstered cocktail ottoman. This little lucite and brass beauty adds a bit of glam to any space. Lucite is so posh and a touch of gold is a great way to add some warmth to a neutral space.

accent cocktail tables

Uttermost / Kincaid

Match metal for metal. Take your standard cocktail table to the next level with a trendy accent piece that features interesting details or a unique design. This angular table in chrome blends well with the clean lines of the cocktail table and its silver metal base. It's the perfect mix of modern and classic.

natural accent tables

Kincaid / Uttermost

Balance styles. A piece made with “raw” materials such as iron and reclaimed wood is the perfect contrast to more polished and traditional tables. Use this pairing to add character and depth to an otherwise one-dimensional space.

wood blend tables Chattanooga

Kincaid / Uttermost

Wood finishes should blend, not match. Pay attention to the color tones. This is an easy indicator for how well pieces will work together. For example, grey finishes tend to have cool undertones and pieces such as oak and cherry tend to have warm undertones. Keep wood tones similar to seamlessly blend different styles.

Get the look you really want! Shake up your style with one of these fun and unique pieces. Start with just one piece or let us help you put together a whole new look.

One of the most common requests we get from customers is that they want to lighten and brighten their home. A home filled with too many dark pieces, especially those with little natural light, can almost feel cave-like. Dark furniture and fabrics can soak up all the light in the room. So if you feel like your home is too dark then check out these five ways to instantly lighten and brighten your spaces to give your home a fresh new look.

watermill linen bed frame

Eastern Accents

Brighten and update a dark bedroom by replacing your wood bed with one that's upholstered in linen. You might opt for a more heavy duty fabric, such as polyester, but as long as it's light in color it will create a fresh look and create contrast with wood nightstands. Many upholstered beds are now available in fabrics such as Sunbrella, which is easy to clean and care for.

Kincaid living room set


Pop colors on a white canvas. A white sofa against a white wall might sound boring but when you layer in bright colors and patterns it becomes a bold and exciting look. Light will bounce all around a space with layered white surfaces while a mix of color and pattern adds interest.

Uttermost lamp


Don't rely on overhead lighting. Create pools of light throughout your home with well-placed lamps. Foyers and hallways often need extra lighting but think beyond those spaces. Any spot that light doesn't reach is a perfect excuse to add some style with a unique lamp.

Uttermost mirrors


Decorate with mirrors. Decorative mirrors can hang over a chest in a narrow entry or above a sideboard in a small dining area. A mirror will open up the space and bounce light around the room. Reflective finishes on frames, such as silver or gold, will lend themselves to a lighter look.

Riverside linen panels


Let the light in. Replace heavy or formal drapes with simple linen panels. You should use something heavy enough to provide privacy but also light enough to let the light filter through. Panels should be easy to adjust so you can let in any amount of light to suit your mood.

Follow these tips to make your home lighter and brighter. Adding light fabrics and soft colors to dark or outdated spaces will also give your home a more modern feel and a fresh look. Get started today by visiting our showroom to find out about more ways to lighten up your home.  

Decorating a home with an open floor plan can be challenging. Without definition of rooms you have to design one area with the rest of the space in mind. It may seem intimidating but it doesn't have to be difficult when you follow a few simple rules. If you want your open floor plan to have designated spaces that work in unison then just follow these guidelines to get started.

Riverside wood furniture


When selecting wood pieces one thing you don't want to do is stick to one finish. Repeating two or three different wood finishes in the same tones from one area to the next will make it cohesive and add dimension. This will allow all pieces to blend without it looking like you bought matching sets.

Uttermost light fixtures


Opt for mix and match chandeliers and lamps. Using statement lighting is a way of giving each space its own personality. Unique light fixtures will give your open floor plan a designer look while highlighting the unique purpose of each area.

Kincaid artwork


Creating focal points helps to ground the space. A gallery wall or a wallpapered accent wall will help each area feel like its own. Pull colors from artwork and fabrics and carry them throughout the space with accessories and accents in order to create an overall cohesive look.

Kincaid room design


Designate zones with furniture placement. Rather than pushing everything against the wall you can create separation by floating pieces in the center of the space. Use a focal point to anchor it and you'll have an instant conversation area that breaks up all the open space.

You don't have to struggle with decorating your open floor plan! Visit our showroom where we specialize in custom design. It's time to turn your house into the home you've always wanted. Let's get started today.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 13:00

Decorating with Accent Pieces

Written by

Accent pieces are like eye candy for the home. There is so much style packed into one package. Choosing an accent piece can be one of the most exciting parts of the decorating process. You can be adventurous with an accent piece since it's only one piece of furniture. It won't dominate the space but it will make a statement.

accent furniture Uttermost


Make your foyer worthy of a grand entrance with this modern piece. This edgy look speaks for itself and needs little more than a pretty mirror and chic lighting. Add this to a hallway, dining room or any space that needs a fresh look.

accent furniture Riverside


Pattern can be incorporated with more than just fabrics. Intricate patterns and designs are often what make an accent piece so special. This piece features a traditional take on a contemporary design. While this piece makes a great china cabinet it would also serve as pretty storage in a bathroom.

accent furniture Chattanooga


A combination of texture and pattern make this piece a showstopper. Linen, distressed wood, and an eye-catching design make this a piece that creates an instant focal point. Forget the standard TV console! This is what your living room wants.

accent furniture Uttermost Chattanooga


Chevron gets sophisticated with dark walnut and clean lines. This will warm up a contemporary design without taking away from the aesthetic. Big enough to serve as a fun alternative to a dresser, it's a quirky and unexpected look for a bedroom.

accent furniture Riverside


Polished mirrored doors are a glam backdrop for the bold pattern featured on this console. Use this in a bedroom or living room to display your television. Perfect for small spaces, this piece packs a major punch of style.

Don't shy away from unique styles when shopping for accent pieces. These are the pieces that can elevate a space to a designer look and create a custom feel in your home. Shop these looks in our showroom where custom designed looks are what we do.

Color is capable of so much more than creating a pretty home. Color can inspire creativity, it can boost your mood and it can even give you a fresh perspective on design. It's a total game changer. When you inject color into a neutral space it comes to life with new energy. If you're craving more color in your home then be adventurous and try something new. Color your world with these fresh looks in interior design.

color in home

prints / chair / bedding / rug / chest

  • Simple prints add a splash of color. They don't have to be over the top to have a dramatic impact. Watercolor florals, when matted in white and framed in black, are sophisticated and charming.
  • For the adventurous, take a classic look and give it a modern twist. Bright coral gives a classic style new life. When using color with vintage or antique styles go bright and bold for a modern look.
  • Wake up surrounded in color with a fearless color combo. Orange and pink come together to create a cheerful vibe, ensuring you will wake with a smile. Let all that color pop against a crisp white duvet.
  • Adding color underfoot will bring personality to the whole space. A rug that is bursting with rich color and a complex pattern is a tasteful way to take on bright hues.
  • Add a single flash of color to a room with a bold hue. A modern chest is far more interesting in rich navy blue. Placed in an entry, it will make an unforgettable impression on your guests.

If you want to incorporate more color and fresh looks into your home then meet with one of our designers. We specialize in creating custom designed spaces with you in mind. Don't shy away from color. Embrace it! Call or visit our showroom to schedule a consultation.


We all want our homes to look great. Yet with busy schedules and ever increasing to-do lists it's not always easy to make home organization a top priority. But it is possible. Your home can look polished and put-together even with minimal effort. It just takes a little strategic planning when decorating. Here are five easy ways to ensure your home always looks put-together.

Uttermost trays


Lose the clutter! Okay, we know that's easier said than done but you can easily manage clutter with pretty trays and decorative bins and boxes. A room always looks more organized when small items are corralled into a pretty container. Place trays on table tops and work decorative boxes into bookshelves.

Kincaid storage ottoman


When possible, choose furniture with built-in storage. Beds with built-in drawers and cocktail ottomans with lift-tops work double duty. When items such as extra blankets and magazines have a home it's easy to store them away quickly and grab them when needed.

Uttermost chair


Opt for sofas and chairs designed with a tight back. This type of upholstered piece is designed without any loose cushions on the back. Which means it never has to be fluffed and always looks nice and neat. Tight-back sofas are well tailored and have a clean design.  

Loloi rugs


Use the appropriate size rug for each space. Rugs are not a one-size-fits-all type of situation. A rug that's too small will make a space feel disjointed and chaotic. In a seating area, a rug should be big enough that all the front legs of the furniture rest on the rug.

Uttermost chair


Unify rooms with paint. Using the same paint color throughout your home will help each room flow seamlessly into the next. When every room is painted a different color it can feel disorderly. Choose a versatile neutral and you'll have the luxury of moving pieces around the house for an instant refresh. 

You can have a home that always looks put-together with these easy-to-implement decorating tricks. Visit our showroom for even more advice on ways to make your home beautiful and functional.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 15:42

Five Ways to Add Southern Charm

Written by

southern charm room design

prints / greenery / pillow / chair / chest 

If there's one thing that people love about the south, it's good old-fashioned southern charm. It's that part of the culture that influences the way we decorate our homes. Southern homes have history and convey tradition but are certainly not shy about trends. It's all about balancing comfort with charm. Southern style is easily incorporated into your home with a few key staples.

Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are a southern classic. They bring to mind lush ferns and pretty blossoms that we enjoy so much in the south. Matted and framed, botanical prints become a chic statement for your walls.

Anything Monogrammed

You can add southern flair to practically anything with a pretty monogram. Pillows are the most obvious option but there are many other stylish ways to use this southern staple. Table linens, dinnerware, and wall art can be turned into something special with this personal touch.


A southern home just wouldn't be complete without a little greenery. Trees and plants add an earthy element and calming effect. Don't have a green thumb? Don't worry! There are many great faux options like the magnolia plant pictured above.

Worn Leather

Worn leather is cozy and inviting. Just like you can rely on an old friend, you can rely on the comfort of a well-worn leather chair or sofa for years. There's nothing stuffy about this rugged look which makes it a southern style go-to. 

Patina Finishes 

Pieces with a patina or chippy paint are a classic element of southern style. Weathered finishes add a little bit of soul and history. From brightly painted pieces to those with raw wood finishes, these aged beauties speak for themselves.


Even if you don't live in the south, you can enjoy all the style that southern charm has to offer. Just incorporate a few of these elements into your home. Call or visit our showroom for more ways to get the look.


Tuesday, 14 February 2017 17:08

Ideas for Decorating Above the Fireplace

Written by

When it's just too cold to be out and about we find ourselves spending more time at home and often in front of the fireplace. So turn that gorgeous architectural feature of your home into something you really enjoy looking at. Decorate above the fireplace so that it creates a beautiful focal point in the room. You'll find yourself enjoying it so much you're bound to forget about those grey skies.

fireplace by loloi


Balance on offset fireplace by placing items on one side of the hearth. Add height by stacking books to use as a pedestal. Layering black and white photos looks crisp against painted brick. Finish the look with a fun conversation piece.

fireplace by flexsteel


In this neutral and dressy space layered artwork adds a casual vibe over the fireplace. Add a simple arrangement of flowers for a chic pop of color. Even if you don't use the fireplace fill it with logs for a rustic feel.

fireplace by loloi


For a more-is-more look use a statement mirror over a beautifully detailed fireplace. Balance it out and add warmth by flanking it with a pair of sconces. When using several polished finishes add a potted flower or plant to give the space an organic touch.  

fireplace by kincaid


Hang or lean a large mirror over the mantel with a frame that matches the wall color. It will seamlessly blend into the wall while creating the illusion of a higher ceiling. For a monochromatic look add pottery, candles and flowers in the same color.

fireplace by loloi


Go for an eclectic look by layering textures and adding a quirky piece or two. An aged metal mirror or unusual piece of artwork is a great place to start. Don't be afraid to decorate with everyday items. Add baskets, plants and even pieces picked up on your travels for a global vibe.

Turn your fireplace into a beautiful focal point for your home. When you decorate it with the right pieces you can turn it into a stylish space you will enjoy in any season. Visit our showroom to find more ways to decorate this, or any space, in your home.

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