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Tuesday, 23 May 2017 13:51

Every Room Needs a Touch of Black

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You'll often find that thoughtfully designed rooms are those with easily identifiable decorating rules. One of the most well-known decorating rules is that every room needs a touch of black. While we're all for breaking the rules when it comes to interior design this is one rule that we love to follow. Sometimes a touch of black is all a room needs and sometimes it's more. But one thing is for sure: it's always a good idea to incorporate a little black into every space.

Kincaid black accent piece


Black balances bright pops of color. So if you have a space that's colorful but needs some refining, try introducing something in a black metal or a piece of black and white artwork. The mix results in a colorful yet modern space.

Kincaid dining table


Use black to ground light wood tones. Lighter wood finishes are a stylish alternative to a room full of dark pieces. However, you need something to break it up. This two-toned table with its black painted pedestal base fits the bill. Use one or two more black accents to punctuate the rest of the space.

Riverside bedroom furniture


Create a focal point with a dash of black. Abstract artwork brings a welcome chaos to this polished modern furniture. A splash of black is all that was needed to completely change the feel of this space by giving it an edgy vibe.

Kincaid black accent pieces


When black is already present in the space with pieces such as light fixtures and picture frames, you can easily find ways to repeat it. It can be as simple as draping a throw over the back of a chair or even mixing in some black and white pillows.

Uttermost accent pieces


Go bold with more than a touch of black. When you paint a room black it creates a dramatic canvas. Warm the space by layering textures such as supple leather and distressed woods. Add plenty of light with accent lamps and mirrors to keep the space from feeling like a cave.

Decorating with a touch of black in every room is one rule we can get behind. Whether you use a little or a lot is up to you. If you're unsure, don't go it alone. You can always trust our designers to help you get it right.



Farmhouse style has become a hot topic in interior design. We're all for a trend but how do you go about it without turning your home into a cookie cutter look? The answer is to mix the look with other styles and make it your own. Farmhouse style doesn't have to be one dimensional. We've come up with seven looks that you can incorporate into your home to create eclectic farmhouse style that's anything but ordinary.


table / art / candle holders / chandelier / pillow / rug / chest

  1. A statement making table. When you incorporate a conversation piece into the mix it adds a new dimension. A combination of washed grey and metal accents let this table blend with many farmhouse styles while shaking up the look.
  2. Unexpected artwork. The American flag is iconic and adds an element of history. Whitewashed and with so much texture it has a fresh look and easily adds character to any space.
  3. Introduce pieces with reflective or polished surfaces. Rustic farmhouse styles can be balanced with glass or metal. These hammered glass candle holders are the perfect accessory for a dining table or dresser.
  4. Use dramatic lighting. If you want your farmhouse style to have an edgy feel, this is how you do it. This chain link chandelier seems to drip from the ceiling. Add depth by repeating the bronze finish throughout the space.
  5. Have fun with pillows! Tassels and texture make these pillows perfect for adding a playful vibe to a farmhouse look.
  6. Add interest with rugs. Opt for a modern pattern or a new style to instantly update a farmhouse style that's just a little too traditional or looks outdated.
  7. Don't overlook small details such as hardware. An ordinary white chest becomes something special with the addition of oversized drawer pulls inspired by industrial style. Replace your bed's matching nightstands with these accent chests for a fresh look.

Want the look? We've got everything you need to create an eclectic farmhouse style and make it uniquely yours. Just visit our showroom, where custom design is what we do.

Tuesday, 09 May 2017 16:09

Trending: Sophisticated Florals

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When creating a sophisticated look in an interior design florals aren't always a first choice. Floral patterns and decor are often thought of as feminine, cute or girly. That is, until now. There's a new look that's trending in florals and it's all about creating something modern and edgy. Forget everything you know about decorating with florals and take another look. Once thought of as traditional, florals are back in a big way and more chic than ever. This is how to get a sophisticated look with florals.

floral interior design ideas

prints / pillow / rug / bedding / print

  • When decorating with florals opt for darker colors. Add some drama to a space with floral prints in deep violets and inky blues. Matted in white they're perfect against a dark wall for a feminine touch that's anything but fussy.
  • Think about florals in a new way. A dose of black adds an edge to watercolor florals. Pop these pillows onto a sofa, a bed or a window seat that needs a sleek touch of color. Mix them pillows in charcoal grey for texture and even more of a sophisticated feel.
  • Make a statement underfoot. Exaggerated florals in rich hues pop against a black background. This is the kind of look that says you love color but in a refined way.
  • Use classic palettes. A mix of patterns in black and white and shades of grey are always sophisticated and chic. Who says florals always have to be colorful? Even with the various mix of patterns there is something very reassuring in the calm that the lack of color creates.
  • Don't forget about metallic accents. Floral silhouettes in black and white almost have a mysterious feel in this polished silver frame. Simple artwork, such as pretty floral prints, can be beautiful and interesting.

If you think you can't create a sophisticated look with florals, think again. The rules have changed and floral looks are dark, modern and edgy. We can help you incorporate this look into your home in big or small ways. Call or visit our showroom to get started.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 13:52

Natural Elements in Interior Design

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One of the biggest trends happening right now in interior design is the natural look of natural. Exposed wood grains, imperfections and organic elements are a stylish reminder of what makes each piece of furniture so special. Natural woods have a way of showcasing the craftsmanship of well-designed furniture. Let's take a look at what makes this style so popular.

wood dining table Kincaid


Rustic gets a fresh look with a “live edge”. This term often refers to a piece that has been preserved in its natural shape. The natural quality makes it feel more unique giving it less of a mass produced feel. The curvy edges allow it to work with softer looks and various styles.

Kincaid headboard


The soft curves of this live edge headboard give this piece a feminine feel. However the rustic details balance it well. A statement making headboard, this is a piece that creates an instant focal point and can be paired with painted pieces just as well as antiques.

Julen wood cabinet


Natural wood isn't necessarily wood that is unfinished or raw. Rather it's finished in such a way that it showcases the grain with barely-there stains. Grey stains applied over heavy grain and knotted wood results in a more modern look. Paired with carefully selected artwork it has a quite elegance.

wood dining table Riverside


Another way to showcase the beauty of natural wood is with pieces that are heavily distressed. You can appreciate the raw beauty of a timeless piece of furniture when you can see and feel the ridges and imperfections of the wood. Balance heavy pieces with organic textures such as airy linens and jute rugs.

wood furniture Kincaid


A modern take on traditional oak is white-washed woods. Minimal application allows the grain to be exposed yet removes the warm or orange undertones that often give oak furniture a dated look. Use this style with exposed brick or shiplap for a space that's layered in texture. 

Add the look of natural wood to your home with these versatile and classic styles. With our selection of furniture, and a design staff that is creative and experienced, we can help you seamlessly incorporate this look into your home.

One of the easiest ways to update your home is with small pieces that pack a major punch. We're talking about accent tables! A basic end table will serve its purpose but a stylish accent table will do so much more. It's a low-commitment way to introduce a new design element to a space, make a stylish statement and add a modern vibe. Here are five of our favorite modern accent tables to add a designer look to your home.

modern accent tables

pedestal table / end table / drum tables / nesting tables / link table

  • Modern meets farmhouse in this pretty pedestal table with a distressed wood base. The aluminum top makes it heavy-duty and adds a polished look, making it suitable for elegant spaces.
  • Instantly update a space and add some rich color with this sleek accent table. This would pair beautifully with a leather sofa for a dramatic mix of textures.
  • Drum tables are a smart choice in a space with lots of angles and hard lines. Place them in front of a sofa, next to a chair or even in front of a fireplace for a modern update and to soften the space.
  • Nesting tables are always a stylish solution when space is an issue. Stainless steel legs are a sharp contrast to reclaimed wood. This rustic modern look works well as an end table but could also make a unique nightstand.
  • Add a sculptural element with this chain link inspired pedestal base. Sleek gold is modern and chic. It's perfectly sized to hold a drink so it would work well between a pair of chairs or even next to the tub in a bathroom.

Is there a space in your home that needs an update? Try one of these stylish accent tables for a quick fix modern update.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017 14:38

Four Ways to Use Patterns

Written by riverworks marketing

Mixing patterns can be one of the most difficult aspects of decorating yet it's one of the best ways to bring a design to life. Pattern not only adds personality and interest to a space but can be used to convey a mood. But if you don't know what you want a room to say it can be difficult to know what type of patterns to use and how to mix them. These are some of our best tips for bringing pattern into your home in intentional ways that take your spaces to the next level.

Kincaid wallpaper


Wallpaper is back in a big way. Gone are the days of matchy-matchy borders. Today's wallpaper is all about fearless patterns. Get this look by going bold with wallpaper and limiting pattern in the rest of the space. Upholstery with rich texture and contrasting hues gives the eye a place to rest.

Kincaid plaid pattern


It's important to consider scale when mixing patterns. Take this living room for example. Plaid and ikat come together to create a sophisticated space with a touch of whimsy. Ikat, which is an unstructured pattern, adds a sense of adventure to always classic and more buttoned-up plaid. A pairing of classic and trendy patterns give a room a fresh feel.

Eastern Accent patterns

Eastern Accents

Think in threes when mixing patterns. Two is good but three is better when you use this no-fail formula. Start with a large scale pattern such as a floral or paisley. Then add a modern print that has clean lines. A Greek key or geometric is an easy pick. Finish the look with a wild card. An animal print always adds a chic element. Work with fabrics in shades of the same color to keep the look cohesive.

Kincaid neutral patterns


When in doubt layer neutrals. It's so easy to do since there is no color involved. Mixing patterns in a neutral space gives it personality and elevates it beyond the cookie-cutter look. It' so versatile because it never limits you to just one look. You can add a little color anytime you're craving a change.

You don't have to struggle with mixing patterns. Use these tips to mix patterns and fabrics in your home with confidence. Don't be afraid to try something new even if you only start with a few pillows on the sofa. Just get outside your comfort zone and see what happens. Meet with one of our designers for more ideas on how to get the right look for your home.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 14:34

Small Ways to Add Big Drama

Written by

You know that feeling you get when you walk into someone's home or come across an image in a decorating magazine and you're just struck by what you see? That's called drama! And it's created by adding the right pieces in the right places. Dramatic items are those that fall into the category of being different or unexpected and they always make a big impact. Your home can have little moments of drama throughout. Here are some of our favorite ways to add a little drama to your interior design.

dramatic interior design

nesting tables / accent table / mirror / abstract / desk / lamp / pet bed

  • Black and gold is always a dramatic combo. Even better, these nesting tables are highly functional. Place them next to a sofa or chair for a chic alternative to an end table.
  • Another polished gold piece, this accent table with a tripod base is a stunner. Place it between two oversized sleek chairs for even more dramatic flair.
  • A bold mirror is an instant win and the more unconventional the better. Mirrors don't have to be basic. Mirrors are a household necessity so use that to your advantage. Unusual shapes in metallic finishes make for a more interesting look.
  • When your home decor needs a dramatic pick-me-up abstract artwork works every time. One large dramatic piece of art often makes more of a statement than several smaller pieces. Not that we don't love a gallery wall, but sometimes less is more.
  • Think your desk has to be all business? Think again. You will feel more inspired and be more productive in a stylish space. The best part about a desk that looks this good? It can double as a bedside table or a living room console.
  • Never underestimate the power of lighting. A unique lamp can free you from a decorating rut. Place this lamp in a foyer and wow anyone that enters your home.
  • What's more dramatic than this chic pet bed? Give your furry friend the gift of style and comfort with a designer piece that seamlessly blends with your interiors.

Drama can be a beautiful thing. If you're feeling like your home is looking a little tired it might just need a touch of something a little more exciting. Stop playing it safe and shake up your style with something new.

Wednesday, 04 January 2017 14:57

Five Ways to Commit to Color

Written by

Now that the New Year has arrived resolutions are well under way. Last week we talked about some of the ways updating your home can inspire those resolutions and keep you motivated all year. One of our suggestions was to add more color to your home. Color has a way of affecting our emotions and energy which makes it a great mood booster. But if you're the type that has a fear of commitment then read on. Here are five ways to introduce color into your home no matter your commitment level.

colorful riverside


The easiest way to introduce color to a space is with accessories. Think pillows, artwork and pretty pieces of pottery. Accessories are a quick fix and a fun way to play with color. This is also a great method for testing new hues and color combos you've always wanted to try.

colorful loloi


Add a bold rug for an instant update. In a neutral space a rich colorful rug will completely change how the room feels. If you're unsure about which direction to go with color then draw inspiration from a piece of artwork in the space or even from your surroundings outdoors.

colorful eastern accents

Eastern Accents

Add some energy-inducing color in the space where your day begins. New bedding in such an easy way to add color to your bedroom. Plus, it's low-commitment since it is so easily changed. Pair unexpected patterns with classic black and white prints for a fresh look.

colorful uttermost


If you're feeling a little more daring then banish the beige with a shot of color. An accent chair in a rich hue will add depth to a neutral space, especially when it's leather. Repeat the color in the space with various shades of the same color to add even more dimension.

colors kincaid


Finally, make a major change this year with a total room makeover. The personality of a space really begins to evolve when you introduce new fabrics and experiment with mixing patterns. When you get outside your comfort zone in decorating it just might inspire you to challenge yourself in other areas of life.

If your home is feeling outdated then freshen it up with some color. Go big or start small, but start now to make your home an inspiring place to be. Call our design center to get started today.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 15:14

Interior Design Trend Alert: Moody Blue

Written by

As we look towards the new year and upcoming trends in interior design one thing is very clear. One trend we are going to see in 2017 is color. Big, bold saturated hues are coming back. While the last year has been all about neutrals and whitewashed farmhouse styles, which we are still loving, we can't wait to see some color incorporated into these spaces. One of those colors is already trending and going strong. Moody blue is showing up in interiors everywhere. Let's take a look at why this hue works so well.

blue trends kincaid


The beautiful thing about blue is that it can take on so many characteristics. Blue is most often used for its serene effects but it can also be bold and exciting. Layered throughout a space and with varying patterns it has a more complex look.

moody blue trends kincaid


Wake up a sleepy corner with saturated blues. An accent chair in over-dyed upholstery adds depth to this space. A chic print propped against the wall is simple and pretty with a casual vibe.

kincaid moody blue


If you're craving more color then pair an indigo or cobalt blue with a bright orange or coral. These color combos bring an incredible energy to the space. Rich blue balances bright colors and keeps the look from feeling too cutesy.

blue trends by kincaid


Blues can have a sophisticated feel with the right pieces. Abstract prints are always stylish and blue pops against a white background. Custom pillows are the perfect way to add some moody blue to a polished space. Just keep pillows to a minimum for a crisp look.

blue trends loloi


A dose of the blues is well served with this traditional rug. It's a soft contrast to all the hard and edgy textures in the space. The blurred pattern pairs well with clean lines and geometric prints for a modern feel.

Moody blue is an existing color trend that will last well into the new year. If you want to work this look into your home and start the new year with a fresh look then visit our showroom or make an appointment with one of our designers today.


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