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Tuesday, 19 September 2017 15:34

Five Tips for Styling a Bookshelf

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One of the elements that gives a room character is the smaller details, such as accessories. These items can infuse personality into a space. While we don't recommend over-loading your home with too many small accessories we do believe that styling pieces such as bookcases and open cabinets with a few of those accessories plays a major role in the overall look of your home. Since styling isn't a skill that always comes easily we've put together five tips for styling the bookcases and open shelving in your home.

bookshelf by Hammary 1


Of course, you're going to use a bookcase to store books but that doesn't mean they should be placed without any thought. Use one or two shelves to place them in the traditional manner. Then stack a few books here and there and finish by turning a few or all of them backwards so that the pages are showing. This creates a more casual vibe to what can otherwise result in a stuffy feel.

bookshelf by Uttermost 2


Use open shelving as an opportunity to add a little mood lighting. A fun lamp in a bookcase or étagère adds a boost of energy to a space. Typically something short and chunky works best when used in open shelving. Plus, it highlights all those pretty accessories.

bookshelf by Hammary 3


Open shelving can provide stylish storage. Baskets and decorative boxes are a styling go-to for avoiding clutter. Use larger bins towards the bottom to ground the piece and work the smaller ones in towards the top for easy access.

bookshelf by Uttermost 4


Don't forget the natural elements. Greenery and fresh flowers have the ability to breathe life into a space. Contrast those earthy elements with metallic accessories in gold or silver for an eclectic mix.

bookshelf by Hammary 5


Display your pretty pieces sparingly. Alternate the number of items used on each shelf. For example, if one shelf holds one large piece then place a grouping of various sized pieces on the next shelf. And remember, less is more. Edit the final look and remove anything that makes the piece look too busy or cluttered.

You should always use the open shelving in your home to add more style. If you're struggling with how to work the style in these spaces then let us help you. Schedule an appointment with a designer to help you with any decorating project, large or small.


We are all for getting creative when it comes to decorating. Experimenting with a new look or fabric is a great way to find your unique style. Sometimes that means stepping outside the box and breaking the rules. But there are some decorating rules that always apply and following these rules will keep you from making some common decorating mistakes. Read on to find out how easy they are to fix!

uttermost artwork


Skimpy artwork. Artwork that's too small just ends up looking lost and out of place. If you're going to use small prints on a big wall then use several of them to create a grid that will fill the space and create major impact. Another option is to replace small prints all together with one large piece.

Kincaid light fixtures


Poorly lit spaces. Too little light can leave a room feeling cave-like while lighting that is too bright can feel institutional. Create pools of light with strategically placed table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces. Even a space that's flooded with natural light during the day will need lamps to create a cozy glow in the evening hours.

Kincaid rugs


Using rugs that are too small. Rugs that aren't big enough for a space simply look like an afterthought and make the room look disjointed. As a general rule a rug should be big enough that it touches all the furniture in a seating area. If a piece doesn't quite reach then the rug isn't big enough. It's always better to err on the side of a rug being too big than too small.  

 Kincaid pattern furniture


Using one fabric on everything. You shouldn't use the same fabric on all the seating in your living room. It's just too monotonous. Instead, choose at least three fabrics with varying patterns but coordinating colors to add interest to the space. The eyes will have different places to land and the space will have a pretty layered look.

Riverside sofa table


Pushing all the furniture up against the wall. This leaves an awkward expanse of space in the middle of the room. Arrange furniture so that it creates conversation areas. Start by floating the sofa in the room across from the main focal point. Then add chairs and others pieces in such a way that it creates zones throughout the space. Create a pretty look behind the sofa with a sofa table. It's also a great spot to add some extra lighting.

If you've made one of these common decorating mistakes, don't worry. You never have to go it alone no matter what kind of decorating dilemma you're facing. We're always here to help you create your best and most beautiful home.

Monday, 13 March 2017 17:54

Four Ways to Style Pillows

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Pillows are an excellent way to add some fresh style to your home. As beautiful as your home is, sometimes you just need a change. The best thing about mixing it up with pillows is the instant gratification. But don't just go out and buy new pillows without a little forethought. Consider the kind of change you want to make. Does the space need more color? More pattern? Here are four ways to style pillows to perk up any space.

stylish pillows Loloi


If you're feeling a little bored with the style of a space then try a new look with an eclectic mix of pillows. Not everything has to match all the time. In a space with a lot of symmetry this is a great way to shake up your style. Pull from the colors in the space but find inspiration in new textures, colors and patterns.

neutral Kincaid pillows


Add interest to a room by styling it with pillows in blended neutrals. Color isn't always the answer. Layered neutral patterns can be just as exciting. Pair small prints with oversized patterns and use lots of contrast to make it pop.

matching pillows Kincaid


Create order in a space by using two or three pairs of matching pillows. In a room that's lacking direction or balance this adds a polished touch. If it feels too matchy-matchy you can always toss in a wild card pillow to add a more personal feel.

pattern pillows Kincaid


Bring small bursts of color into a space with by pairing solids and patterns in bold hues. Color can add amazing energy to a space and sometimes pillows serve the perfect dose. Pile them on or keep it to a minimum of four. How many pillows you use will depend on how much color you're craving.

Updating a room with new pillows may seem like a simple solution but it's often those small luxuries that make a big impact. Try a new way of styling pillows to update the spaces in your home that need a fresh look.

Monday, 08 August 2016 16:09

Anatomy of an Entry

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The entry of a home is important. It’s the first thing your guests see when they enter your home so it has to be well designed. A great entry will create a welcoming feeling and set the tone for the style of your home. The formula is simple. Start with the basics then have fun with the rest. These elements are what make up the anatomy of a stylish entry. 


Stratford Console

Every entry needs some type of console or cabinet, even a small one. This will anchor the area and provide the framework for the rest of the space. It doesn’t have to be labeled a “foyer piece”. 
It can be any type of cabinet, console or even an accent table. What’s important is that the size and style fit the space. 

entryway table

Denia Lamp

Great lighting is a must. That could mean a pair of lamps or a statement making chandelier. It will really depend on the size of your entry piece and the amount of light that’s needed. In a large space you might use both.
entryway uttermost artwork


Hang artwork that relates to the rest of the home. It should set the tone for the style you’ve created in your home. When a guest enters your home the foyer should be a sneak peek at what’s to come. Hang it over the entry piece to add height. 

entryway brayden mirror

Brayden Mirror

In an entry a mirror is a great alternative to artwork. It bounces light around the space plus you can do a last minute check as you walk out the door. There are so many fun options in decorative mirrors it’s an easy way to add style and function to this space. 

entryway willa armchair

Willa Armchair

Seating is always a welcome sight in any entry. Even if no one ever uses it, it creates an inviting feel and that’s always a vibe your home should have. It could be just one chair but it adds softness and introduces another texture.

Does your entry incorporate these basic elements? If your entry doesn’t reflect your style or feel very inviting then it’s time to make some changes. Let us help you redesign it! You can shop our showroom for all items shown or let one of our designers select your custom look. 

Monday, 25 April 2016 15:02

Fresh Looks in Lighting

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lighting fixtures

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine

A beautifully styled home is about more than using the right furniture. Smaller elements are often what’s needed to add character and personal style. Lighting is certainly one of those elements. Don’t make the mistake of redecorating or renovating a space with a great new look then using basic light fixtures. Shop our showroom for unique pieces you won’t find just anywhere. Check out nine of our favorite fresh looks in lighting.

  1. A cool geometric design, this pendant would be a great choice over a kitchen island in an eclectic home.
  2. Sleek and modern, this stunning glass light fixture makes a bold statement. From mid-century modern styles to the most contemporary homes, use this pendant over a dining table and it’s sure to be a conversation piece at dinner parties.
  3. Add a cool vibe to your foyer with this metal pendant in antique gold. Pair it with a unique console or boho rug for major personality.
  4. This fun light fixture has global flair. This would be a fun choice in a home with lots of color and pattern.
  5. Farmhouse style with a traditional twist, this chandelier works well with bleached wood pieces and linen slipcovered furniture.
  6. A cage style light fixture with modern bulbs has industrial style. Perfect for a loft featuring lots of architectural elements.
  7. This pendant has a cool multi-dimensional look. Hang over nightstands as an interesting alternative to lamps and create an unexpected look in a bedroom or guest room.
  8. Glam goes to the dark side with this chandelier. Give your home an edgier look with lighting made of chains in oil-rubbed bronze.
  9. This pendant has a sophisticated and polished look. Perfect for a small powder room or over an island with a white marble top.

Let your lighting be inspired! We can help you choose the perfect light fixtures for your spaces no matter what your style. A great design deserves great lighting. Find it here at EF Brannon.

Monday, 28 December 2015 17:09

Home Decor Goals for 2016

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Home Decor Goals for 2016


The New Year is just around the corner and we all know what that means. It’s time to start thinking about changes you want to make in the year ahead and setting goals to make those changes happen. So if New Year’s resolutions are on your mind then why not add your home to that list? Now is the time to set your home decor goals. That could mean completing unfinished projects or trying something totally different by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Let’s make 2016 your home’s best year ever.




Buy a piece of artwork that inspires you. Don’t worry about the style or the artist. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. If it moves you, or reminds you of a fond memory, that’s all that matters. Don’t worry about if it’s “on trend”. If it’s something you love it will work in your home and it will be a piece that you’ll always appreciate.



Make at least one big change. Remodel that outdated kitchen or bathroom. If that’s not in the budget then simply update all the light fixtures and doorknobs. These are changes that go a long way in updating your home and add value if for some reason you decide to sell it.



Create a space for yourself even if it’s just a space you’ll only use for a few minutes each day. Having your own little spot to read, work, or craft, makes all the difference in your productivity. So carve out a reading nook with a comfy chair or a home office space with a writing desk. Make it a space that’s just for you.


Eastern Accents

Invest in your bed. A high quality mattress and plush bedding make all the difference in a good night’s sleep. Which in turn makes for a more productive day. So toss those old mismatched blankets and flat pillows and replace them with down filled comforters and designer toss pillows. Add a cozy throw at the foot of the bed for a little added luxury.


Photo Measures Lite

Be prepared. Stay organized by using your smartphone as your own personal decorating assistant. Keep all of your home’s measurements on hand with an app such as Photo Measures Lite and use Pinterest to store your home’s paint colors and inspirational photos. When you shop for furniture or decor you’ll have everything you need on hand to make a decision.

These are just a few changes you can make to your home that will have a big impact. Resolve to make this the year you get things done. Let us help you set and complete all of your home decor goals and make 2016 your home’s best year ever.

Monday, 07 December 2015 13:51

Bedding for Every Style

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Bedding for Every Style

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom and the bedding should reflect that. The way you style the bed is just as important as how you furnish the space. Designing a room is about more than just a look it’s also about how you want the space to “feel”. Turn your bedroom into a space that makes you happy by styling it with bedding in your favorite fabrics and patterns. It’s easy to create a stylish look with one of these designer collections that offer mix-and-match options.

bedroom furniture Chattanooga

Neutrals are anything but boring when there are so many different textures. Faux fur and geometric patterns come together to create this earthy organic look. Animal print euro pillows add a chic touch and faux fur elements make it cozy and plush.


bedroom furniture Chattanooga

Go all out modern and glamourous with black and white. A crisp white duvet is the perfect background for pillows that have a graphic punch. Pair this with an upholstered bed to create instant luxury.


bedroom furniture Chattanooga

You can never go wrong with the spa look. A bed layered in ocean blues has that “weekend getaway” feel. A mix of patterns in subtle hues adds interest to a space while maintaining a relaxing and inviting vibe.


bedroom furniture Chattanooga

For the lover of art deco it’s all about a clean and crisp look and a bold pop of pattern that is reminiscent of that era. Add a little bohemian flair with bamboo or rattan and keep the overall feel of the space sophisticated by using pieces that are straightforward.


bedroom furniture Chattanooga

For the traditionalist, a damask pattern in sunny yellow brightens dark furnishings. Layer in other classic patterns such as a stripe and finish with a frilly pleated skirt. Traditional spaces with carved and ornate pieces can sometimes feel a little too formal. This pop of yellow adds a lively element but is balanced by the contrasting grey.

Don’t just make the bed, make it gorgeous. Turn your bedroom into a space you can’t wait to come home to. Shop these collections in our showroom to find the perfect look for your bedroom. All collections are from Eastern Accents and are available here at EF Brannon Furniture.