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Tuesday, 31 October 2017 16:41

Dining Tables with Benches for Every Style

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One of the biggest trends we've seen lately in interior design is the desire to shift to more livable and comfortable spaces, especially when it comes to dining. People tend to be moving away from the traditional dining room in favor of a dining space that is more casual and functional. There's no need for formal place settings in these spaces as they have more of a come-as-you-are kind of feel. A great way to get this casual look with all the style you crave is with a dining table and bench combo. Here are five of our favorites.

bench dining table 1 Kincaid


Casual spaces can have more fun with styles. This cottage look goes eclectic with a mix of modern and traditional artwork. The upholstered bench gives the whole space a pretty look with a relaxed feel.

bench dining table 2 Kincaid


This collections features everything there is to love about the beauty of natural wood. Keeping color to a minimum will accentuate the warmth of the grain and give the space an overall casual feel. A plush rug is the perfect way to add a soft touch.

bench dining table 3 Kincaid


Rustic but refined, this collection is big on style and comfort. With the ease of a bench there's room for everyone. Distressed wood with hard angles is softened with linen seating while the dual finish gives it a quiet elegance.

bench dining table 4 Riverside


It's easy to picture this in an open floor plan with an all-white kitchen complete with a subway tile backsplash. This is a modern farmhouse lover's dream. A collection that looks perfectly collected over time will give your dining space a welcoming feel.  

bench dining table 5 Vaughan Bassett


You can never go wrong with a classic look. Craftsman style dining pieces are straightforward and timeless. You can dress this look up or down but it will never come across as impersonal.

You can give your home a more casual look without sacrificing style by updating your dining space. Shop our showroom where you can find all of these styles and more.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 13:53

Stylish Dining in an Open Floor Plan

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For many families, having a formal dining room is a thing of the past. With the popularity of the open floor plan comes the need for a dining space that has a more casual approach and can blend seamlessly with the rest of the home. While it's important to define spaces in an open floor plan the overall look should flow from one area to the next. Here are five ways to add style to your open dining space while creating a cohesive look throughout your home.

open floor dining Kincaid seating 1


Start by choosing the right pieces. If you're having trouble blending finishes with existing furniture then opt for upholstered seating. A basic linen softens the space and works with everything, creating a seamless transition to a living space or seating area.

open floor dining Riverside china cabinet 2


Style your china cabinet with more than a display of dishes. Stacked dishes give off a casual vibe. Pop in artwork and decorative pieces to add color. Pull inspiration from colors and fabrics in the spaces around it and finish with some greenery or fresh flowers.

open floor dining Kincaid china cabinet 3


Open up the space. If you have a china cabinet that just feels too big or too formal try removing the top and using only the base. Hang a gallery wall of artwork above it for a less structured look. The space will instantly feel more relaxed and become more like an extension of the space around it.  

open floor dining Kincaid lighting 4


Add flow with lighting. Replace standard light fixtures with statement-making chandeliers that complement the style in the overall space. Hanging different but coordinating lighting helps pull each area together while giving each space its own look.

open floor dining Vaughan Bassett 5


Mix materials. When you combine elements such as metal and wood it feels less like a matching set and more like a collected grouping, making it blend with easily with other pieces in the home. A wood sideboard with a metal hutch or a table with a wood top and metal base are both easy options.

With these simple tips, you can create a distinct style in your dining space, even with an open floor plan. Visit our showroom for more interior design tips that we can customize specifically for you and your home.


Tuesday, 06 June 2017 19:57

Stylish Dining Tables for Small Spaces

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Every home deserves a proper and stylish dining space. Sitting down for a meal at a beautifully set table is one of life's luxuries. Whether it's a quick breakfast before you start the day or an evening spent with friends over a long dinner it's important to have a stylish space where you can enjoy a meal without distractions. So if you're unsure about how to furnish your small dining space then find your inspiration in these small tables that pack a major style punch.

Kincaid pedestal table


In small spaces, you can't go wrong with a pedestal table. At only 44” round this one is big enough to comfortably seat four people. Pedestals take up little space which makes for a more comfortable dining experience. What it's lacking in size it makes up for with style. Distressed wood paired with tufted linen will add instant charm to any home.

Kincaid bistro table


A bistro table is ideal for small spaces such as studio apartments. Typically less than 40” round they take up little floor space but still provide enough room for two. Even better, saddle stools are easily tucked underneath when not in use. A pub table is a fun alternative to a traditional dining table.

Kincaid island table


Save space in your home by creating an eat-in kitchen. This multi-purpose island is designed with modern living in mind. With plenty of storage and built in drop-leaves this island serves as a dining space, a work area, and sideboard all in one.

Flexsteel dining table


Sometimes square is just a better fit. This one is spacious enough to seat four and stylish enough to make a statement in your dining space. With just the right combination of modern style and rustic appeal, it's perfect for the modern farmhouse look.

Kincaid leaf dining table


If you like to entertain then you need a table that will give you options. Many round tables come with a leaf that allows you to extend the table when needed. At 48” round, this table is perfect for everyday use while the 18” leaf turns it into seating for six. It's the perfect solution for saving space yet having the ability to seat more guests at a moment's notice.

If you're having trouble choosing the right table for your small dining space then it's time to call in the experts. Our designers can walk you through the entire process of choosing the perfect size and look for your home.

A dining room is so much more enjoyable when it's functional and that means choosing the right kind of storage. Being able to easily access what you need means setting the table quickly and not having to leave your guests often during dinner. While china cabinets and sideboards are a necessity they should also add style to the space. These are some of our favorite pieces that combine style with function to help you make the most of your dining space.

dining room storage Kincaid


If dinner parties are a common occurrence in your home then consider a sleek sideboard with plenty of storage. Store extra dishes out of sight and use the open surface to keep drinks or sides within reach. You'll be able to set up for entertaining at even a moment's notice.

dining room storage riverside


Don't overwhelm your dining space with a piece that's too big. You can have storage with a light and airy look by choosing a china cabinet that has open shelving. With this easy-going piece you can casually display dishes by stacking plates and cups while mixing in bigger items such as pitchers and bowls. Everyday items will always be at the ready.

dining room sideboard Kincaid


In a small dining space you might think less is more. But adding the right sideboard can make it more functional. This piece is designed to hold bottles and glasses with enclosed storage to boot. This small but mighty sideboard is perfect for stashing linens and placemats. Add color and a casual vibe with leaning artwork and fresh flowers.

dining room china cabinet kincaid


A statement piece adds major style. If you prefer the more traditional china cabinet but crave a modern look then opt for a piece with glass doors and angular design such as a fretwork. You can display your prettiest dishes and barware while keeping necessary, but not as pretty items, hidden behind closed doors.  

china cabinet Kincaid


Take advantage of a large dining space with a generously sized china cabinet. Even if you don't want to display china you can make great use of all the storage a piece like this has to offer. Display everyday dishes while mixing in decorative items for a little personality. This piece is perfect for a modern farmhouse or a home with coastal or cottage style.  Use all that space underneath for extras that are only used on special occasions.

If your dining space isn't working for you then visit our design center. Whether it's simply choosing the right storage or a complete dining room makeover we can turn it into a space you'll love.

Tuesday, 07 March 2017 18:11

Stylish Dining Room Seating Options

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Dining spaces are meant for so much more than just having a meal. Entertaining guests, celebrating birthdays and spending time with the people you love is often done at the dinner table. This means your dining space should be comfortable, beautiful and interesting. Think beyond the standard table and chairs and mix it up with some seating options that are far beyond basic.

dining room seating Uttermost


An obvious alternative to standard dining chairs is a bench. Not so obvious is styling it in a way that results in a space that's rich in texture. Keep it from looking like a picnic area with upholstered end chairs. These will soften the look and amp up the style. Finish the space with a plush rug.

dining room chairs Uttermost


When choosing upholstered chairs for your table consider an accent chair. Chairs with a high back punctuate the table and add height. Gray linen is an unexpected and stylish surprise. Mix this look with metal side chairs for a chic industrial look.

dining room seating Kincaid


Create a cozy dining space with a wrap-around banquette. Perfect for intimate dinner parties where the focus is on conversation. You'll look forward to gathering around the table every night with a space this pretty and comfortable.

dining room bench Uttermost


An upholstered bench is a chic alternative to one that's made of wood. Back it against the wall and create a dining space in a cozy corner to give your home a trendy cafe feel. Make it even more comfortable with throw pillows. Your guests will linger long after dinner is finished.

dining room slipper chairs Uttermost


Studded slipper chairs with round backs add a sophisticated sense of drama. The combination of rustic wood with formal skirted chairs creates a dynamic look. Add classic bentwood chairs for a modern farmhouse feel.

If your dining space needs a change then mix it up with some stylish seating. Let's create that dining space you've been dreaming of! Shop our showroom where our designers will create a custom look tailored to you and your home.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 14:20

Stylish Spaces with Casual Dining Furniture

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Just because you're creating a casual space that doesn't mean it can't have major style. Casual is a word that's often used to describe dining furniture that isn't formal, but it always sounds less than exciting. Casual isn't about being plain or boring. The idea behind creating a casual space is that it's approachable and inviting. However, it can still be pretty. Create a gorgeous casual dining space by incorporating different design elements for an interesting mix.

casual dining furniture Kincaid


Create a gallery wall to take a casual space to the next level. Mix eclectic artwork with collected pieces to design a space that's filled with conversation pieces. This custom look adds a personal feel to an otherwise typical space.

casual dining furniture by Kincaid


Something as simple as updating the light fixture can create a new feel in a space. Go for something unexpected to add a twist. This oversized pendant introduces an industrial element in this bright and airy space.

casual dining furniture Riverside


Lack of color is the last thing you notice in this neutral dining space furnished with rustic pieces. Statement art, the creative use of light fixtures and lots of greenery make this a comfortable and beautiful space that's perfect for entertaining.

casual dining accent Kincaid


An accent wall is a clever way to sneak a little architecture into a space without a major remodel. A barn wood or shiplap wall adds texture and interest while creating a cozy feel. Accent walls can turn a casual room into an unforgettable space.

casual dining furniture Flexsteel


Casual craftsman style dining furniture looks fresh against crisp white. Create contrast in the kitchen by pairing rich wood finishes with lighter finishes on cabinets. Artwork and fresh flowers give the space a perfectly layered look.

You can use some of these design tricks to update your casual dining space or you can create a new one by visiting our showroom. We have everything you need to get the look and experienced designers to help you every step of the way.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 14:23

Dining Spaces that Wow

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Do you dream of creating a dining space that looks like it should be in the pages of a magazine, but then struggle with putting it together? We can help you design a dining room that will make you want to cook every night, entertain more often and even host the holidays. All you need is a fresh start! Update your home with some new dining furniture then follow our tips for the best ways to add your own personal style.  

dining room hadleigh


A fresh take on formal, this look has everything you would expect in a traditional dining space such as carved details and gold hardware. Accessories with a clean silhouette and cool artwork make this space sophisticated without feeling stuffy. 

dining room huntleigh


A dining space with character blends many elements. This one has texture, symmetry and architectural interest. Proof that even neutral spaces can be exciting. 

dining room pembroke


Get the look of old world style by mixing leather and fabric. Add turned legs to the mix and this becomes an inviting dining space that's full of charm. Traditional artwork and fresh flowers add to the overall cozy feel. 

dining room corinne


Go all out glam! This modern space has a lux feel thanks to upholstered chairs and geometric inspired woodwork. Flanking a sideboard with a pair of china cabinets creates a dramatic focal point.  

dining room kincaid


A classic look always works and is versatile enough to let you play around with trends. Add your own spin to it with a favorite piece of artwork and a unique light fixture.

Make it Yours

  • Add style with lighting. Upgrade a dated light fixture with something unique.
  • Try a new piece of artwork. An interesting piece makes for great conversation at dinner parties.
  • Don’t overload the table with accessories. A large bouquet of fresh flowers is simple and beautiful.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative. Try painting an accent wall or hanging an unusual mirror over the sideboard. Let your personality come through and you’ll create a space you want to spend time in and share with others. 

Let’s get started on your dream dining room today! Call or visit out showroom for a free consultation.

Monday, 29 February 2016 14:08

Five Ways to Customize Your Dining Space

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A beautiful dining room starts with the right furniture. But when it comes to styling the space it’s all about the details. Textures, finishes, and styles can be combined to create a space that’s unique and has a personal touch. It’s easy to create a designer look in your dining space when you incorporate a few of these ideas.


Riverside Dining


One of the easiest ways to give your dining room a custom look is by mixing the style of the chairs. Choose a different look for armchairs to be used at each end of the table. Mix wood with metal, woven chairs with upholstered ones, or add a bench to one side of the table. 


Kincaid Dining


Interesting lighting goes a long way when designing a unique space. The right light fixture can set the tone for the whole room by making a statement. Go beyond the unexpected and try something in a new shape or style. 


Kincaid dining


Who says you have to use a sideboard or china cabinet in a dining room?  A pair of bookcases is an interesting alternative to the traditional look in a dining space. Display dishes and pottery by grouping smaller pieces and mixing in baskets to store smaller items.


Kincaid dining


Large scale artwork makes a statement in a dining space. Not only does it add instant style but it serves as a conversation piece at dinner parties.  In this eclectic dining room a large abstract adds color and a graphic punch. 


Aberdeen Dining


Get away from the “matchy-matchy” look by blending pieces with different finishes. Soft greys and distressed whites come together to create a space that has dimension. A combination of chairs with varied textures adds even more interest and helps pull the varied finishes together.

If you’re having trouble creating the look you want then try one of these tricks of the trade. Blending styles and mixing different design elements is how custom looks are created. Visit our showroom for more ideas on how to customize a designer look for your dining space.  


Monday, 18 January 2016 18:33

The Casual China Cabinet

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The Casual China Cabinet


China cabinets, traditionally used to store china that would be used only on special occasions, have now become more casual and are being used to store not only everyday dishes but other items as well. This is due in part to the popularity of the open floor plan concept that eliminates the formal dining room. In many homes the formal china cabinet is a things of the past. Many people are now using them to display loved and curated items alongside pottery and dishes.



Rustic cherry with a farmhouse look gets a modern vibe with everyday dishes in pops of green. This open hutch provides easy access to needed items when setting the table. Linens, such as tablecloths and placemats, can be stored in one of the many drawers.



Weathered wood in distressed white is light and airy. Styled with a mix of vintage pieces in glass and metal and a few everyday pieces this has classic cottage style. An open hutch is much less formal and looks less bulky than a china cabinet with a row of glass doors.



The same piece, in a grey finish, takes on a more modern look. Especially when flanked with window treatments in a contemporary geometric print. Using neutral accessories in a variety of textures keeps a full china cabinet from looking cluttered and messy.



For the casual home with a country feel this china cabinet in solid distressed pine adds the right look and plenty of storage. Distressed pine with grey undertones blends seamlessly with grey walls which is a go-to wall color in many of today’s homes.



In smaller spaces or a home with minimal storage a china cabinet is a great way to store needed items as well as decorative pieces. These bunching cabinets are combined to showcase personal photos, store books, and serve as a wine cabinet and storage for a few kitchen pieces. Great for a modern space this look features a mesh metal grill insert that gives it that rustic and casual touch.

The casual china cabinet is stylish and functional and it’s a fun little spot to display some of your favorite decorative items. Our showroom is stocked with many styles of china cabinets so you’re sure to find the perfect one, no matter your style.